Thank You Teacher Letters for My Suburban Life

Read thank you teacher letters from students to DuPage County area teachers

Letters to Teachers for Thank You Teachers

Teacher: Maureen Drabik-Thank you for instilling passion of geography and history! These have been core subjects for me both in and out of school, and I want to express my gratitude to you for making it so exciting at an early age!-Brendan Quealy, Downers Grove

Teacher: Mrs Jennifer Kahlke-My daughter loves Mrs. Kahlke! She is always in an uplifting mood all day which helps students feel happy to be in school.-Cecelia Folise, Woodridge

Teacher: Karyn Cantlin-Mrs. Cantlin is an amazing educator, creative, kind and generous. I was blessed to have her teach both of my children. You couldn’t ask for a better 3rd grade teacher!-Cooper Bruno, Plainfield

Teacher: Jennifer Kahlke-She always considers students opinions and listens to everyone.-Cecelia Folise, Woodridge

Teacher: Doreen Sloyan-Ms.Sloyan is very kind and patient to a student like Steven Benoy who needs a lot of encouragement and pushing to get things done and her warm welcome to the new environment-Serafin Benoy, Westmont

Teacher: Amanda Grata-Ms. Amanda is very kind and hard working, Serafin talked a lot about you and how nicely you teach them and all.-Serafin Benoy, Westmont

Teacher: Nicole Hill-We would like to thank our son’s 1st grade teacher, Mrs. Hill for her “over the top” support with our son, Paulie, and all the children in her class! She is so devoted and has such a deep knowledge of the children she works with. For example, she chose different ways to incorporate my son’s passion for the Titanic in her lessons throughout the year. Mrs. Hill took so much time (extra time) to explain to us different areas of growth and improvement needs during our p/t conferences, and ways she was going to assist us and him. She has been so communicative and helpful throughout this entire year, whether via email or phone calls. And we attribute most of our son’s gains in reading(!!!) and math to Mrs. Hill and her willingness, passion, and dedication to helping my son achieve his goals. We are so grateful for you, Mrs. Hill!-Paul Zalduendo, Darien

Teacher: Molly Shanahan-Thank you Mrs. Shanahan for making our first year back to full day school fun, exciting and full of knowledge. Your patience with us has been nothing but amazing since the last time we were in school full day was KDG in March of 2020. THANK YOU for being you and being my wonderful teacher.-Jack Rucinski, Woodridge

Teacher: Kelsey Richardson-Thank you for always putting your students before yourself and being their for your students. You are making a difference for our future.-Kelly Nava, Woodridge

Teacher: Edward Bruno-I chose Mr. Bruno because he is very funny and always makes his lessons fun, and I think that is the best trait that a teacher could have. Thank you for being you Mr. Bruno!!-Allie Reetz, Downers Grove

Teacher: Kris Ceas-Ms. Ceas is my awesome 7th grade teacher at Herrick Middle School in Downers Grove! School is tough for me, so Ms. Ceas let’s me come in early and stay after school to assist me with my studies. When I was missing school, she would text to make sure I was ok. When I am struggling with friends, I know Ms. Ceas will be there to listen and offer me guidance. Having Ms. Ceas as my homeroom teacher is such a blessing!-Bella Eimerman, Downers Grove

Teacher: Hemaxi Mistry-(Ms. Hema Inc. In Home Daycare)Hemaxi is known to my kids as “Ms. Hema”, she is not only a great teacher for the very young but also a very loving caretaker. She has given my two the building blocks to succeed in pre-school and beyond as well as given them a place to call home while we are at work. ABCs, 123s, shapes, colors—she’s taught them it all. Most importantly, she’s taught them the need to be kind, respect one another and appreciate nature. We love Ms Hema!-Colin and Claire Burns, Downers Grove

Teacher: Anita Stimac-Thank you for being the best teacher Ms. Stimac! Love-Alison Short, Minooka

Teacher: Mr. Bruno-Mr. Bruno always goes above and beyond of recognizing the positive in each and every one of his students. He also is very animated, and always has a fun way of teaching class especially Social Studies! During the pandemic when everything was on zoom, he always had a way to keep the students engaged! We wish we could keep him for the nxt 3 years.-Molly Dibble, Downers Grove

Teacher: Kimberly Rucinski-Mrs. Rucinski is a wonderful teacher - she is patient and always has fun ideas. Thank you for all your hard work this year and making everyday memorable!-Maya McColga, Downers Grove