3 Tips For Making a Stellar Collage Board

Adolf Funeral Home - 3 Tips For Making a Stellar Collage Board

Losing a dear loved one can be very difficult, but finding happy ways to remember them can offer peace and comfort to family and friends. If you’re hosting a funeral or memorial service, or a Celebration of Life, one way to highlight the life of the deceased is with the creation of a collage board. A stellar collage board can help set the mood of the event by adding a fun way to spur memories and stories. Here are 3 tips for making a stellar collage board.

1. Use a large tri-fold foam board. It will hold a large number of photos, and you can use small tacks to temporarily adhere lightweight memorabilia. Folding the outer sections will protect the interior surfaces during transport and storage. “A collage board offers a unique opportunity to honor your loved one,” explained John Adolf, Director of Adolf Funeral Services. “It should make people feel joy, not sadness. Creating a collage board can also be a great way to help with the healing process.”

2. Consider finding one large photo, or have one made, of your loved one to highlight the center of the board. “A beautiful collage board may consist of a condensed group of photos surrounding one feature photo, all of which tell the story of the person’s life,” added Adolf. “The photos should include both formal and candid situations.” Photos can be segregated by era (adolescence, young adulthood, middle age, and golden years) or by groups of people (family, friends, colleagues, and neighbors), to name a couple options.

3. Decorate the board in a manner that would please your loved one. You can embellish the board with 3-D or flat stickers, postcards, fabric trim, glitter, or artwork. A true collage-only board may make it difficult to focus in on individual pictures, so leaving a little space between photos will help them stand out.

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