Should You Bring Meals to Someone Who Has Had a Death in the Family?

Adolf Funeral Home - Should You Bring Meals to Someone Who Has Had a Death in the Family?

When a close friend or neighbor has had a death in their family, it’s natural to want to help them as much as possible. In addition to offering to assist with shopping or other errands, or to watch over children or pets as needed, it can be very helpful to provide food so the family and their visitors don’t have to worry about meal planning and cooking along with everything else going on.

According to John Adolf, Director of Adolf Funeral Services, the quality of the food is just as important, if not more important, than the quantity. “Comfort foods provide help on multiple levels,” he explained. “Taste and smell are senses that can absolutely provide a sense of peace. Most people love casseroles that include pasta or stuffing, along with vegetables and a protein such as chicken or tuna. A hearty soup is filling and delicious, and most people love Italian dishes like lasagna or pasta bakes.”

Before bringing food to someone, unless you know any limitations in advance, you should always ask about food allergies (nuts, dairy, etc).

“It’s also helpful to stay connected with other neighbors or friends who might want to help, so you don’t duplicate your combined goodwill efforts,” added Adolf. “When the family has visitors gathering from out of town, it’s also a nice touch when you or another friend or neighbor can make sure the coolers are stocked with ice and beverages for the adults and children.”

Pre-made desserts are always a big hit, and healthy options like fresh fruit and veggies are important, too. Bring food items in disposable or recyclable containers so the family doesn’t have to worry about cleaning and returning them.

“Bringing food to a friend or neighbor who is grieving is a fantastic way to support them and help ease their loss,” said Adolf. “Simple acts of kindness can provide the best comfort of all.”

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