A Miscarriage Creates a Unique Kind of Grief

Adults aren’t supposed to outlive their children, even those who haven’t yet been born. When a woman suffers a miscarriage, the loss of the child can bring intense pain and grief. Although miscarriages aren’t rare (they occur in approximately 10-15% of known pregnancies), the subject can be very difficult to talk about with others, even close friends or family members.

“The loss of someone is never easy, and a miscarriage creates a physical and emotional pain that is very personal for the parents,” explained John Adolf, Director of Adolf Funeral Services. “There is often a feeling of being completely alone to deal with your grief. Having the ability to talk about what you’re experiencing will aid in your recovery, and will help you realize you’re not going through the loss alone. Family and very close friends can be a great source of comfort, and expressing your feelings can help provide a way to release both the emotional and physical pain that is unique to you.”

The first thing to remember is that you have the need - and the right - to grieve. Select the people in your life that you know are compassionate, understanding, and helpful, and learn to rely on them for support when you need it. Let feelings of guilt go. Journaling can also help express your emotions and pave the way for healing.

It’s also crucial that you take good care of your physical health. Eat healthy foods in appropriate amounts, get adequate sleep, and exercise whenever you can. Even if it seems difficult to take care of your body when your mind is so sad, doing so will help stave off depression and help with the grieving process. Your physical health will most definitely affect your mental health.

You may also benefit from talking with a therapist, especially one who specializes in the loss of a child. For more information about grieving after a miscarriage, please contact:

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