3 Reasons for Creating a Funeral/Memorial Collage Board

A collage is a visual representation of a theme or idea, and is typically constructed from a variety of materials and sources. A collage can include photos, newspaper clippings, artwork, medals and ribbons, and other special items that contribute to the overall theme. Collage boards are sometimes used as gifts or for home decor, but are also very popular displays for a funeral or memorial service after the loss of a dear loved one. Here are 3 reasons for creating a collage board for a funeral or memorial service:

1. Collage boards allow families to display photos and objects that honor and celebrate the life of their loved one. “Collage boards are a wonderful and simple way to highlight someone’s personal life through photos, letters, documents, and other objects,” explained John Adolf, Director of Adolf Funeral Services. “Many families choose to follow this same idea using a video presentation. This unique idea allows families to share pictures and items from a person’s life either chronologically or focused on a special theme, such as holidays, work accomplishments, or hobbies.”

2. Mourners can share in the discovery of pictures, awards, and other items they weren’t aware of. “There are many times families have put together treasured photos and items from a person’s life that other family members may have never seen,” added Adolf. “It’s amazing to see the joy that comes to life when these moments are shared at a funeral or memorial service.”

3. A collage board provides reminders of a life well lived. “When someone has lived a long life, there’s nothing better than seeing family members embrace and share laughter and stories with family and friends,” said Adolf. “Everyone’s life is important, and how you want to remember your loved ones is entirely up to you.”

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