Morton College Will Offer Medical Cannabis Dispensary Program in 2022

A terrific new program is being added for Spring semester, which begins on January 18th, 2022, at Morton College in Cicero. The Medical Cannabis Dispensary Program is designed to help students find entry-level employment with a cannabis dispensary company.

“This program was created in response to the legalization of cannabis in Illinois and the growing industry that has sprung up around cannabis,” explained Michael Rose, Associate Dean for Strategic Initiatives, Adult, and CTE for Morton College. “It is open to anyone interested in working in the cannabis industry, but students should have a high school diploma or an equivalent. The program may be especially helpful for students with a medical background (CNA, Nursing) who are interested in transitioning into the cannabis industry.”

The program consists of six 2-credit-hour classes, which will be held weeknights on the MC campus. “Two of the six classes will be centered around the physical and medical properties of cannabis, one class will focus on the legality of cannabis, one will be a business class, and two classes will center around marketing cannabis, with a focus on the digital/media arts,” added Rose. “Classes will run in 8-week increments, with three classes running during the first 8 weeks of the semester and the other three running during the last 8 weeks. This allows students to complete the program in one semester.”

The program was developed with input from members of the cannabis industry, and is a collaborative effort between Morton College’s Health Sciences, Business Technology, and Law Enforcement programs. Several cannabis organization and company members will serve on the advisory board.

“While the program is not currently eligible for federal financial aid at the moment, there are numerous grants and scholarships available at Morton College,” said Rose. “We encourage students to check out these options at”

For more information, please contact:

Morton College

3801 S. Central Avenue

Cicero, IL 60804