How to Help Yourself Heal After a Loss

Loss can present itself in many different ways: you can lose money, a job, a pet, a friendship, or a beloved family member, and each is very painful in its own way. Losing a family member can be unbelievably difficult, and the grief that follows can be all-consuming. In his role as Funeral Director for Adolf Funeral Services, John Adolf works with the surviving family members to help with the healing process, but says it’s important for people to help themselves in a variety of ways.

“One of the best ways to begin healing after a devastating loss is to understand the importance of acknowledging your feelings and learning how to express them,” he explained. “I believe keeping your emotions inside can be very harmful to your emotional and physical well-being.”

Adolf says that finding someone to talk with so you can truly share how you feel is very beneficial and allows you to get your emotions out. “By sharing your feelings and your experiences, you’ll learn to relax, find a sense of calmness, and begin to move forward in the grieving process,” he said.

Planning for a holiday or other trigger day can help prepare you in advance so you have coping tools ready if you need them. Don’t mask your pain with potentially damaging activities like excessive online shopping or overindulging in food or alcohol. Remember that everyone deals with loss during their life, and there’s no right or wrong way to grieve - it’s an individual process with no specific timeline.

One of Adolf’s favorite ministers says a loss creates a hole in your heart. As life goes on, you will have other loved ones die, and you get more holes in your heart. However, over time, the healing process works its magic and helps the holes become much smaller.

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