Dream Home Experts Internet Radio Show Offers Advice, Answers Listeners' Questions

If you have questions about your home, be sure to tune in to the live Dream Home Experts internet radio show! Sponsored by Jay’s Plumbing and Gold Shield Services, this terrific show’s mission is to share important home-related information with the public.

“There are three hosts of the show, including Keith Wilmoth and Mike Krejci from Jay’s Plumbing and Derek Bare from Gold Shield Services,” explained Mike Krejci, a plumbing Expert with Jay’s Plumbing. “Our producer is Vic Mala with Slipstream Studios. I offer plumbing expertise, Keith is very knowledgeable about lawn issues and BBQ ideas, and Derek is an Electrical and HVAC professional. For each show, we bring in an expert related to that day’s topic.”

Dream Home Experts is broadcast every two weeks on Friday evenings at 8 pm; the live episodes are on both Facebook and YouTube. “The Friday night shows are live, but are replayed the following Friday at noon on “216 The Net”, an internet radio station,” added Krejci. “They’re also available on Spotify, Apple, and most podcasts apps.”

The show is currently booked through 2021, with topics ranging from plumbing, electrical, and HVAC issues to real estate, mortgages, financial issues, gardening, and home inspections, to name a few. “I think the home inspection topic has been my favorite so far,” said Krejci. “There are so many gray areas, and people need to know what to look for, especially when buying a home.”

Each one-hour show begins with an introduction of that day’s guest expert and a short explanation about the topic and why it’s important. “We encourage listeners to ask questions via Facebook and YouTube, and soon we’ll have the capability to take questions by phone,” said Krejci. “The feedback we’ve received so far is terrific; people are happy to listen because they always learn something new. We’re working on a website so we can give advance notice about upcoming topics.”

For more information about Dream Home Experts, please contact:

Jay’s Plumbing

1509 Ogden Avenue

Downers Grove, IL 60515

Phone: 630-434-9200