Celebrating Father's Day Without Dad

Holidays can cease to feel special after the loss of a beloved family member. If you’ve lost your father, especially recently, it may not feel appropriate to celebrate Father’s Day, which falls on the third Sunday in June each year. The reason for the holiday, however, is for fathers to be honored by their children; this can be done even if a father has passed away.

“As we approach Father’s Day on Sunday, June 20th, there will be many of us celebrating that day without our dad, including me,” said John Adolf, Director of Adolf Funeral Services. “The loss of a father and the emotions experienced on that special day will certainly be different for everyone.”

Adolf says that while he’s not sure how he will feel on that day, as this is his first Father’s Day without his dad, he knows his dad would tell him to remember how lucky they were to have each other and to recall all the wonderful things they shared going through life together. “We had many more happy times than sad ones,” said Adolf.

As a Funeral Director, Adolf witnesses sons and daughters losing their father fairly frequently. “I encourage people, young and old, who have lost their father to do their best to remember all the wonderful memories they experienced growing up, rather than reliving the sadness when the loss occurred,” he explained. “Positive thoughts can have a tremendous effect on how people recover from loss, and how you express your own feelings can resonate with everyone else in your family. Sharing memories with your family members can still make Father’s Day without your father a very special day.”

Other ways to celebrate your dad include recreating what you used to do with him; while the activity will feel a little different, the memories they bring back will be priceless.

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