Morton College STEM Programs Offer Terrific Opportunities for Students

While the pandemic doesn’t currently allow for on-campus STEM events, Morton College is

offering incredible virtual opportunities for students to continue working in this vibrant and relevant course of study.

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) courses help students develop critical thinking skills that are applicable in all fields of study, and assist with problem-solving, teamwork, curiosity, and decision-making.   “Students who complete their degree in STEM have   many opportunities in the workforce and in graduate school,” explained Dr. Sara Helmus, Chemistry instructor and MC-SUCCESS STEM Grant Program Coordinator for Morton College.   “Morton College is a great place to kick off your STEM major and future career!   Our core STEM courses transfer within Illinois, and we offer a free full-time STEM tutor.   We have two active STEM clubs that offer opportunities for socialization and professional development.   Morton STEM alumni are completing bachelor’s degrees, working in the STEM industry, or continuing their education in pharmacy, medical, and graduate schools across the nation.”

STEM students will participate in the virtual Skyway STEM Research Competition in April 2021, with projects to be judged by representatives from Argonne National Laboratory.   “Virtual judging will take place April 14th-16th, and a virtual event with STEM workshops and poster awards will be held April 23rd,” said Helmus.   “There’s still time to join a research group; interested students can email for more information.”

Morton College will open its STEM Resource Center in Spring 2021 if students can return to campus.   Beginning Fall semester 2021, the space will offer peer tutoring, STEM Club meetings, guest speakers, and events.   “A maker space will be available with a 3-D printer and other hands-on STEM activities,” added Helmus.   “A resource hub will offer information about internships, STEM careers, transfer opportunities, and more.”

For more information about the incredible STEM program opportunities available through Morton College, please contact:

Morton College

3801 S. Central Avenue

Cicero, IL   60804