Why Is It Important to Maintain Your Home’s Main Sewer Line?

The main sewer line to your home moves all the water and waste from your house to the city water treatment plant.   It is the most important pipe that leads out of your home; if it gets clogged, it can create big problems.   A main sewer repair is one of the most costly repairs you may experience as a homeowner, so it’s important to know what to look for.

“There are several things that can cause a home’s main sewer line to clog,” explained Mike Krejci, a professional plumber with Jay’s Plumbing in Downers Grove.   “One of the most common is roots from trees and shrubs.   The roots always seek water, and they’re able to penetrate the connections in older clay pipes.”   Roots can eventually break the pipes, causing raw sewage to back up in the indoor plumbing fixtures and potentially spill out into the yard.

“Digging and construction work, or anything that causes the ground to shift, can also lead to pipe failure,” added Krejci.   “Larger rocks get pushed against the pipes, which can ruin them.   Newer pipes, fortunately, have fewer issues.”   Putting grease down your kitchen drain repeatedly can also create blockages in the main sewer.

There are several signs to look for if you think your sewer may be clogged.   “If your drains are slow, or you have routine backups, you should have the main sewer line video-inspected by a professional plumber,” said Krejci.   “Other signs of a blocked sewer can include depressions in the ground outdoors and the smell of sewage coming from the sump pit in your basement.”

Krejci advises new homebuyers to arrange for a main sewer line inspection before purchasing the home.   “A regular home inspector doesn’t look for problems with the main sewer line,” he said.   “It’s a great idea to have the sewer line inspected so you have peace of mind throughout your   ownership of the home.”

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