3 Gardening Tips You Should Know

Spring has officially arrived, and April is an ideal time to begin planning your garden in northern Illinois.

Gardening remains popular with Americans well into their golden years. According to the National Gardening Survey, nearly three-quarters of American households participate in lawn and garden activities.

Here are 3 gardening tips you should know.

1. Prep your garden bed

Before your garden is ready for planting, the garden bed must be clear of all debris like leftover leaves, weeds and any roots that lingered from last year’s crop. Revitalize the soil by adding moisture and fertilizer.

Find your garden tools that have been hibernating all winter and make sure they’re ready to work! Clean them with soap and water and use mineral spirits on wood handles to help prevent the wood from splintering.

2. Plant your seeds

Planning is important to any garden to ensure vegetables, herbs or flowers have enough space to breathe and receive proper nutrition. For vegetables, consider the yield according to family size and whether you plan to freeze or can.

Choose the seed varieties that work best in your growing conditions. If you start with seeds, they are ready to be transplanted when seedlings have their first set of true leaves.

According to Urban Farmer, there are approximately 170 days between the last frost and first frost, so it’s important to watch your local weather and plant at the correct time.

3. Water and fertilize appropriately

Your garden loves the rain, but during a dry spell be sure to water your garden about two inches, once per week.

Make sure to avoid water collecting in a pool anywhere in your garden, which can potentially drown nearby plants. Allow for adequate drainage and that the proper runoff slopes away from the garden and is not blocked.

Apply a balanced fertilizer when new growth appears to give your garden a little fuel.

Warmer weather is here, so get outside and put your green thumb to use today!

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