Community Pulse: Recognizing ‘people who allow us to give back’

Coal City Village Administrator Matt Fritz

Giving is an important holiday tradition and one for which many of our residents rally to give their treasure to assist others. As we enter the holiday season, let us give thanks for all of those people who allow us to give back to others who are less fortunate and live alongside us within our communities; there is a complex network of nonprofit, quasi-governmental, religious, civic and well-intentioned people who allow us all to measure our extra dollars and resources to give to others during the holiday season. Below is an effort to recognize some of their efforts.

Grundy County always attempts to gather its nonprofit resources ensuring a multi-faceted approach to providing resources to those in need. The Community Foundation of Grundy County is a one-stop shop for those with treasure looking to invest in a manner allowing one’s gifts to be directed to a certain purpose. Often, this group is capable of directing gifts and taking donations from corporations to direct to local agencies such as the United Way or Salvation Army which collects funds to help those in need. Direct relief for housing and food is provided by “We Care” within Morris for any residents of Grundy County. Those without housing may seek out Grundy County PADS (Providing Assistance to Develop Self Sufficiency), which provides rapid rehousing capabilities. Both of these agencies work with Kendall/Grundy Community Action assisting low-income residents to reduce their overall cost of utilities within their Grundy County residences.

While all of these agencies provide services county-wide, more locally, Coal City relies on Help for Hope during the holidays. This nonprofit group maintains a food bank but adds a holiday meal and holiday gifts for families in need in addition to its assistance, which it provides during the rest of the year. Coal City is fortunate to have multiple options when it comes to those in need of groceries and nutrition. The Coal City Food Bank is hosted at the Coal City United Methodist Church and provides an additional resource as the costs for basic goods continue to escalate. In addition, local churches and its members serve hot meals to provide a regular calendar of St. Vincent Table Hot Meals. Each of these agencies is funded with donations given to the poor at local churches or generous donations from those looking to make a difference.

The volunteers and dedicated personnel who make up each of these entities rely upon your generosity to continue to serve those who come to them in need. Take a moment this holiday to thank them for dedicating themselves to this noble pursuit and opening their hearts to allow others to share in the resources made available within our community. Please ensure those in need know assistance is available and evaluate if you can be a donor to increase their capability this holiday season.