Community Pulse: Celebrating as a community

Coal City Village Administrator Matt Fritz

Community events continue to provide the opportunity of bringing people together despite all of the competing tasks, priorities, and differences that exist between neighbors. Coal City’s 2022 Fall Fest took place across two nights of celebration this past weekend. It was one weekend after Diamond’s Fall Fun Fest and the local Operation Firm Handshake as well as the same night as Channahon’s Potato Festival. All of these community based events continue to occur because people enjoy the chance to enjoy being outdoors, side by side with their neighbors.

The Coal City Park Board continues to see our local businesses and other community groups become more engaged. These groups provided additional time and contributions to this year’s efforts. Bob’s Advanced Auto sponsored a customer appreciation kickoff. Additionally, other marquee sponsors, including Environmental Recycling & Disposal, Geo’s Pizza, Scheer’s Insurance Services, Insulation Concepts, Candlelight Home Healthcare, BDR Properties and Hoffman Transportation represent businesses from every sector of commerce who contributed money to hire bands and rent activities such as escape rooms and ax throwing for everyone’s enjoyment.

Coal City Car Show 2022

The different activities, spanning from the 5K to support Megan’s Mission to end childhood cancer to the annual car show, brought people of all interests and ages together to celebrate our community. Despite incidents in other places that could threaten the desire for communities to gather, it is the longing to be part of a common celebration, which brings all of these different individuals and groups together. The desire for belonging is part of the foundation of community.

Belonging to the Coal City community can mean you are proud of that hobby car you have been working on in the garage, or that you have worked out long enough to survive running 5,000 meters from Babe’s down to Cardinal Transportation and back. It could mean you tag along with your children to enjoy the games organized by the library, or perhaps, most importantly, donate your time to provide food for the community with the New Hope Presbyterian Church, Boy Scouts or activities provided from the National Honor Society, Spanish Honors Society or Science Club. Everyone enjoys those who brave the gaze of others and lead us to the dance floor that opens up before the band each night, but it all becomes part of what is savored in Coal City’s Fall Fest.

The crowd enjoys Coal City Fall Fest

Perhaps you are reading this and do not live in Coal City. Please get out and support that local community event happening in your hometown. Special events that celebrate our commonality rather than events devised to divide us are a cause for celebration; they shall continue to exist and succeed as long as we all participate.