Community Pulse: Morris places ‘high priority’ on communication

Stan Knudson

Communication is critical in every relationship. Communication at home creates harmony between spouses, communication at work is conducive to good business. Communication in athletics is key to optimal performance and victory. The relationship between the City of Morris and its citizens is no exception. The city has placed a high priority on expanding our communication footprint and providing the public with different options for staying connected and informed on what is happening in and around our community.

The ability of a municipality to communicate effectively with its residents promotes transparency which is key to building trust. Openness also promotes efficiency and effectiveness in government while providing valuable information on a wide array of topics. For instance, did you know that you can now access the agendas for all committee and city council meetings on the newly revamped City of Morris website? In addition to the agenda for upcoming meetings, you can also read the minutes from past meetings or review the city’s annual budget. This type of transparency is important for all of us and is essential in our fast-paced, modern world. The city’s website also contains information regarding upcoming events, news releases, contact information, helpful documents, historical information, and so much more. It is updated almost daily. If you have not had the opportunity to explore the site, I urge you to do so. You might be surprised at what it has to offer.

Along with our new website, Morris has also entered the world of social media. Social media has grown into the fabric of our society. It has become a useful resource for individuals, businesses, and even municipalities. Morris is now connecting with the public on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. These social media channels allow the city to share information on emergency alerts, weather updates, public service announcements, construction updates, road closures, police assistance, and the multitude of activities and events in our community, all without cost. The City of Morris recently utilized Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to inform residents of a city-wide parks survey which was conducted as part of our first parks comprehensive plan. In 24 hours, Facebook alone reached more than 15,000 people and helped drive more than 800 park surveys in less than one week. The information gathered from the surveys is of great value to the city. Equally valuable is giving our citizens the opportunity to share their thoughts and participate in the process which will help to determine the future direction of our park’s facilities.

Finally, I would like to inform residents of our new City of Morris Newsletter. The newsletter is a quarterly publication which contains timely reminders and much of the helpful information you can find on our website and social media pages. We share the newsletter on our website, social media and printed copies are available at the Morris Municipal Services Building, Morris Area Public Library, and many downtown businesses. This new avenue of communication has been welcomed by the community with extremely positive feedback. These new means of keeping our residents informed on what is happening in their community supplement more traditional forms of communication like print and radio. The City of Morris enjoys a very positive relationship with our local radio station and the Morris Herald-News.

We hope that you feel connected with your community and the vision for its future. Please remember, you can always pick up the phone and call us with your questions or concerns. We are more than happy to serve you. If you would like to read the most recent newsletter, check it out at