Land Use Department Appreciates Grundy Residents and Partners for Toy Donations in 2021

Each year the Land Use Department holds a gently used toy drive for children November and December of each year. Due to COVID, our Environmental and Resource Conservation Office or ERCO had not completed a toy drive since 2019. Therefore, we were very happy to bring back this much appreciated event.

The donations of games, baby toys, and girl and boy toys was overwhelming and we appreciate all of the residents who made this drive a great success. Year 2021 for the toy drive yield approximately 100 large boxes of toys/books/games/puzzles and 40 large bags of stuffed animals.

The children received these toys through the generous and hard work of the Chicago Rotary who made sure that the children received them in time for Christmas.

All the events that ERCO completes has sponsors and assistants in order to make them successful.

We would like to thank the Morris Library, Coal City Library, Fossil Ridge Library, and the Three Rivers Libraries in Minooka and Channahon for generously giving space within their libraries as drop off locations for toys.

We were also very fortunate to have Park Pointe nursing home as a partner in sanitizing and washing all of the stuffed animals that we received.

Morris Hospital partnered with us through their shipping office by giving us strong boxes in which we were able to box all of the goodies.

Big thank you to Land Use Department both Bob ‘Santa’ Pazely; Building and Zoning Officer for picking up toys, going to Park Pointe multiple times to drop off and pick up stuffed animals for sanitizing, and picking up boxes at the Morris Hospital. Bob completes this work in addition to the normally scheduled inspections that he completes for the Land Use Department and does so with a gleam in his eye and generosity of spirit.

Cheryl Wardell was instrumental in working with me as Santa’s elves by going through all donations. Before boxing or bagging the toys, we ensure that parts were included with games/puzzles, fix or sew stuffed animals, and inflate basketballs. Following that all toys are organized into categories such as baby, boy, girl, games, books, stuffed animals, and DVDs boxes.

All of these toys are now in the hands of children who would have not received many, if any presents. These toys are given another opportunity to be played with, and that certainly shows reuse of our precious resources.