Looking Back for Oct. 20, 2021

1921 – 100 YEARS AGO

An automobile so constructed as to resemble a spark plug as nearly as possible was seen on the street last night and while here created considerable comment. The car was an enlarged Twin Fire spark plug in almost every detail and with a couple of fellows along that possessed knack for salesmanship, a number of automobile owners are trying new plugs in their motors today.

According to a license issued yesterday by City Clerk G. N. Blackman, the new steel company store will soon be started at the steel company’s old employment office on North Sixth Street. The store will have cigarettes and tobacco for sale, as well as snuff. It is reported that the store will sell almost anything and everything for its employees. The company purchases in large quantities and distributes to other stores in addition to this one.

Japan will bring up the question of no fortification of certain islands in the Pacific, strategic in naval warfare in the Washington conference, it was learned today. Japan is expected to propose an agreement only with the United States not to fortify further certain islands and possible to dismantle, to some extent, existing fortifications.

It was announced today at the Fourth Street bank that more equipment, placing the banking institution on a par with others of the vicinity, has been purchased in the way of a Meilicke Interest Calculator. This machine, according to Cashier Robert McCormick of the DeKalb Trust & Savings bank, does away with considerable work on the part of the bank employees. It has been ordered for some time and should be installed within the next few days.

The Lincoln Inn, which yesterday was sold to C. Arthur Carlson, was opened this morning before seven o’clock by Herbert Carlson and at eight, when the usual early morning patrons began to show up, the place was all ready for business. Hub Carlson who has worked in this line of business for some time and knows it in detail, is in the store and will see to it that the usual service will be maintained.

Fire Chief McEvoy says if anyone in DeKalb has lost a parrot and it can be described to the boys of the department it can be claimed. “Otherwise, we will have a parrot to teach to talk and whistle this winter,” said the chief this morning.

1946 – 75 YEARS AGO

Included among the 161 cities and towns in Illinois eligible for new post offices are several in this area with funds to be requested of the Congress convening in January. Most of the new structures will cost from $85,000 to $95,000. Among those included on the list are new post offices for Genoa, Harvard, Marengo, Polo and Stockton.

One full trainload of meat from the west going to Chicago on the Chicago and Great Western railroad passed through Sycamore this morning at 10:30 o’clock. It stopped in Sycamore and left eight cars, two cars of five mutton and six of cattle. It was not known whether these were to be placed in the stockyard here to be shipped at a later date or whether they were fattening livestock for the farmers.

R.J. McCann, former DeKalb young man who has returned here after several years in St. Louis, Missouri, has announced that officers have been named for the DeKalb Enameling Company. Articles of incorporations from the state were recently issued for this new DeKalb firm, which has its headquarters in a portion of the building that was once the carpenter shop of the American Steel and Wire Company.

For the second time in eight weeks the Orlin Farr tavern in Kingston was burglarized early Friday morning according to the sheriff’s report. Deputy Sheriff Francis Sullivan made an investigation yesterday. The thieves entered the tavern by “jimmying” the front door. The robbers were evidently frightened away as a large box containing 50 or 60 cartons of cigarettes was left. They did manage to take approximately four cases of whiskey, but most of the well-known brands were not touched, which is another reason to believe that they were scared away.

The DeKalb Daily Chronicle in cooperation with the Chicago Motor Club is sponsoring a safe and courteous driving campaign beginning on Monday of next week. Each day a crisp five dollar bill will be awarded to a driver selected as having demonstrated courteous and safe driving principles in both the business and residential areas.

Sycamore dentists started examination Monday of the teeth of all the children from kindergarten through eighth grade in the Sycamore schools. Work continued the three days, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. The dentists and Mothers’ Club members, who worked with them, were well satisfied with the results of this first step of the dental clinic program.

1971 – 50 YEARS AGO

Sen. Dennis J. Collins (R-DeKalb), a 42-year member of the Illinois state legislature, announced today that he will retire following the completion of his present term in 1972. The veteran lawmaker said he wishes to devote more time to his family and private law practice in DeKalb.

A fall event enjoyed by a large number of Shabbona High School and other area youths was a Friday night hayride. The approximate 90 youths and parents attending were from Shabbona, Rollo, Lee, Waterman and other rural areas. The hayride originated in Lee and where guests congregated afterwards for dancing on the basketball court. Refreshments of hot dogs, chips, brownies and other “delicacies” which accompanied wiener roasts were enjoyed.

A Rice University scientist says the presence of moon geysers may indicate enough liquid water beneath the barren surface to provide refreshment for a permanent lunar colony. “I think it could be considered a breakthrough if this phenomenon can be tapped.” Dr. John W. Freeman Jr. said Friday in a news conference. “We could establish a base on the moon.”

A galaxy of 1972 car models graced the interior of the Fourth Annual DeKalb Industrial Show, which started today in the northern Illinois University Fieldhouse. Harrison Sawyer lined up the new models for the fall feature.

1996 – 25 YEARS AGO

A nearly Saturday morning shooting has claimed the life of a 17-year-old Sycamore resident. According to Sycamore Police Chief Dale Vesta, there are some indications that the slaying was gang-related. A gang-related shooting in Sycamore? There couldn’t be gangs in Sycamore. There could have been; there was, and there still is. Sycamore Police Chief Dale Vesta said the incident was a “wake up call” to residents of the town.

DeKalb County businesses appear more interested than ever in casting their products and services onto the World Wide Web, without getting stuck. More than 70 local business people attended a seminar last week, sponsored by DeKalb County World Wide and TBC Net, of DeKalb, to learn more about marketing themselves on the internet, the worldwide network of computers.

The DeKalb City Council appears ready to move forward with strict zoning regulations for adult businesses, but it is split on the questions of forcing the Paperback Grotto out of downtown. City Attorney Ron Matekaitis will bring back to council a draft ordinance which would restrict future “adult-oriented” business to locate no closer than 500 to 750 feet from schools, churches, parks, residential areas or other adult businesses. Under the ordinance, those businesses would be limited to locating in several, mostly industrial, areas on the east side of DeKalb.

– Compiled by Sue Breese