Looking Back for Aug. 4, 2021

1921 – 100 YEARS AGO

The stenciled dress has come to town for a long visit. So far there are only two stencilers, and they are besieged with orders.

A traveling man driving south on Fourth Street this morning suddenly swung his automobile across the street in front of the European hotel and then, leaving the engine running, stepped into the hotel. At the time, Officer Rowe was on the corner and when the fellow came out he soon learned that he cannot violate state automobile laws in one town any easier than he can in another. He was told to stay on his own side of the road, and shut off his engine when he left the car.

G.N. Blackman, city clerk, is all that is left of the city’s force, according to a trip to the city hall this morning. Mr. Blackman said his assistant had been called to Wisconsin on account of sickness of some of her relatives and probably would not be back for several days. The mayor, James E. Lewis, has been out of the city for the last few days, while Major H. B. Goodison has been absent from town since Saturday night. Clerk Blackman said he hoped that some of the officials of the administration would show up for tonight’s council meeting.

According to reports that have been heard, threshers in the vicinity are trying to outdo their neighbors in the way of feeding the workmen. It is said that in some places angel food and sunshine cakes are served along with fruit salad. It is also stated that during the afternoon, the men are called in for a few minutes and given a watermelon lunch or else ice cream and cake.

Three auto loads of gypsies, the regular traveling kind, stopped in DeKalb for a few moments this morning, but hardly had they stopped than a member of the police force was on their trail. The women folks did some shopping along the street, one of them wearing a fur coat, and creating some attention. One car in the outfit had a broken part and they asked permission to remain over long enough to get repairs and then said they would resume their journey.

The 10:25 Great Western train brought to Sycamore, 24 “Fresh Air” children to be disposed of until August 9th in different farms and homes around Sycamore, Kingston and Burlington. The ages ranged from 4 years to 11 years.

1946 – 75 YEARS AGO

Yesterday marked the first time in over 30 years that shoes manufactured in DeKalb were shipped from this city. Production of children’s shoes was started on a limited basis by the Redmond Shoe Company located at 1021 Market Street a short time ago. These were the first shoes manufactured in this city since the closing of the M. D Wells shoe factory some 30 years ago. Joseph Redmond, who was born and raised in DeKalb and who was an official in the old shoe factory in DeKalb has returned to DeKalb to start the shoe factory.

Friends of Pack Lee, operator of the Yee Sing laundry, will be happy to learn that he is able to leave the hospital and is getting around some with the aid of a cane. He had been a patient for the past 21 days recovering from severe burns on his legs received in an accident when boiling water was spilled on his legs.

Sycamore fire department was called yesterday afternoon at 3:25 o’clock to subdue a grass fire on Route 64 at the farm of Walter Lindgren, the first farm west of the city. It was a safety first call to prevent the fire burning into the corn field. Little damage resulted. The cause is believed to have been a cigarette tossed from a passing auto.

An interesting oddity in trees may be found in the plot across from the Sycamore Police Department. This tree, which seems to be one large maple, upon examination, will disclose that it is two trees, a maple and an elm. The trunks are divided except at the bottom where they are joined together. The leaves on the treed are mostly maple, but some will be found to be elm.

Many improvements are to take place on the exterior of the Sycamore Public Library. For some time now the library has been in need of repairs but only those which were absolutely necessary were made for many years. The front steps will be rebuilt, complete with a new base and the old light pillars will be removed. An attempt will be made to acquire and install overhead lighting at the front of the doorway in place of the old pillars.

The Esmond elevator home is being remodeled into a modern residence which will be occupied by the manager of the elevator, Mr. and Mrs. Sam Zellar.

1971 – 50 YEARS AGO

The advertising jingle about the Pagliai’s Pizza lady might be applied to an accident as a woman motorist early this morning overshot her parking lot space and crashed into the wall of the South Fourth Street pizza establishment owned by Ed Short.

The DeKalb Park District director announced the swimming pool at Hopkins Park will close Sunday, Aug. 29, with the second annual “Goldfish Day” swim scheduled for the following evening. This year, 2,500 goldfish are scheduled to be put in the pool at 7 p.m. with children swimming after them.

In keeping with the times and trends of today, the Uptown Restaurant located at 143 North Second Street, next to the Egyptian Theatre, is doing their part in bringing their successful business establishment strictly up-to-date and up to the highest standards. Although it has been slightly less than three years since they moved into their much larger and strictly modern quarters, they can now see the need for expansion and additions to their already large establishment.

A 30-pound carp captured the attention at the Carp Fishing Derby at Don Tyrrell’s Fishing Pond as about 700 participants competed this weekend.

1996 – 25 YEARS AGO

A regional shopping mall, similar in size to the Charlestowne Mall in St. Charles, is apparently on its way to DeKalb. A Wheeling-based company has entered into a contract to purchase 155 acres at the northwest corner of Peace Road and Fairview Drive.

The residents of Creston are anticipating a taste of Hollywood in the coming months. Preparations are under way for the making of the motion picture “A Thousand Acres,” based on the Pulitzer Prize-winning novel by Jane Smiley. Much of the filming will take place at the John Hueber farm, south of Creston. Construction crews have been at work for several weeks at the site, making minor adjustments to the Hueber home and constructing a temporary house across the street.

The bridges of DeKalb County suffered heavy damage in the recent flooding. Four bridges in the DeKalb County area suffered extensive damage in the flooding two weeks ago, including the loss of a state historical site on McGirr Road. The bridge was completely washed out by high water. The McGirr Road bridge at Ehlers Road is located west of the DeKalb County line. The bridge, built in 1932, was noted by the state for its arched handrails and poured concrete surface.

– Compiled by Sue Breese