Looking Back for June 2, 2021

1921 – 100 YEARS AGO

The tremendous distribution of our wonderful New Universities Dictionary is a matter of only a few days more. We congratulate the thousands of our readers who already own the book and remind those who do not, that they may never again have an opportunity to get as a practical gift, a volume that is not a luxury but a necessity in every home.

Nearly 100 members enjoyed supper together at the Kishwaukee Country Club last evening and then remained for the dance which entertained until a late hour last night. The spacious porches were quite as popular as the dance hall due to the warm evening. The next social affair will be for the ladies and that will be tomorrow afternoon when cards will entertain the women members.

A DeKalb County Illini club will be organized and every resident of the county who has ever had any connection with the University of Illinois, whom it has been possible to reach, has been sent an invitations to attend a dinner which will be held at the Elks Club in Sycamore for the purpose of organizing a DeKalb County Illini club.

John O’Malley, in an effort to catch a ride on a moving train, did not get a good hold of the grab irons on the freight train and according to police reports was badly rolled. Fortunately for the young man, he rolled away from the train instead of under the wheels, and he has already made a vow he will not try to ride the bumpers again but will pay his fare.

During the last few days many people from out of town as well as Malta people have been diligently working at the cemetery in an effort to have the place look attractive on Memorial Day. The efforts of the workers show results too, and the city of the dead presents a very neat appearance from the Lincoln Highway.

Handsome Jack Barry today told authorities that Mrs. Cora Orthwein was jealous of the friendship between the “kissing blonde” and Herbert Zeigler. Authorities claim the testimony of Barry, a man about town, would prove conclusively the jealousy motive for the slaying of Zeigler by Mrs. Cora Orthwein when the woman stands trial here next week.

According to a report received at the police station this morning, two days after the goods had disappeared, one of the McGlynn boys in the northeast part of DeKalb is minus a watch. He also reports the intruder took along a good pair of trousers. The trousers, in which the watch was fastened, were evidently picked up by someone and disposed of. The police told the young man that if he had not waited for two days before reporting the matter, something might be done.

1946 – 75 YEARS AGO

Camp Grant is ready for its tentative closing date, scheduled for today, with the post being virtually closed as a military installation last night with the camp bakery one of the last units to shut down. There were about 500 persons yet at the camp including 300 German prisoners of war but they are expecting to be transferred within a short time.

Police of Sycamore, accustomed to the usual complaints of stolen bicycles, an occasional auto, and other rather commonplace articles, have a new one to tackle. Yesterday, Carlson Sanderson of North Avenue reported to the police that his boat had been stolen. That’s right, he said his boat had been taken. The boat was being kept in the gravel pit and it disappeared during the past few days. Mr. Sanderson asked police to keep an eye open for it, figuring that some youngsters might have appropriated it for a ride in the Kishwaukee, and some land owner along the river might be reporting a stray boat on his property.

End of the school year calls for added care and caution on the part of drivers of motor vehicles as instead of being confined to classrooms at regular hours, the children will be on the streets at most any time. Traffic hazards will increase considerably because of the age of present day cars and the stepped-up travel trend. Charles Hayes, president of the Chicago Motor Club, also points out that the nation will not have the services of the school safety patrols during the summer months. These boys and girls serve only during the school term, and they are just as anxious for play and recreation as their classmates whom they helped to protect.

At a track meet held at Wheaton College, Bob Brewer, a Paw Paw boy, broke the record in the 440 yard event by running the event in 51 seconds from the old mark. He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Forrest Brewer of Paw Paw.

1971 – 50 YEARS AGO

The color guard and firing squad representing all veteran organizations gave the traditional gun salute at the Kishwaukee River Bridge on East Lincoln Highway in DeKalb before dropping flowers into the water from the bridge.

A biologist from the U.S. Department of the Interior’s Fish and Wildlife division, determined that the flying animals that attacked two students last week at the Northern Illinois University lagoon are screech and saw-whet owls. The owls attacked since they were probably nesting in the area. No nests were found upon investigation, however.

A contract has been awarded for a new township garage on Route 72 to Farmer’s Sales and Service of Kirkland. The old structure was destroyed by winds early this spring. The building will be of steel, 50 feet-by-62 feet, 3 inches, some larger than the former garage.

The DeKalb County Farm Bureau has taken a position opposing the proposed toll road extension west of Aurora. Farm Bureau President Howard Mullins said the Illinois Agricultural Association along with farm bureaus in Ogle, Lee and Kane counties are also opposing the building of the toll road, which Mullins said “would destroy many acres of prime farmland.”

1996 – 25 YEARS AGO

The DeKalb County Board may soon make a decision on the future of the county nursing home. The ad hoc Health Care Planning Committee will send a resolution to the full board for its June 19 meeting allowing the members to vote yea or no to the public/private partnership with Kishwaukee Community Hospital and Oak Crest Retirement Center.

Twelve minutes for one penny, that is the cost to feed the parking meters in downtown Sycamore. The fine, if the time expires or a shopper ignores the meter, is 25 cents. The parking meters and their costs may be nearly as dated as hitching posts, which has prompted some city council members to consider removing them.

Anyone looking for a job in the DeKalb area this summer may be in luck, as local businesses, in one survey, report they will be hiring. Forty-three percent of the local businesses surveyed said they will hire additional workers in July, August and September.

– Compiled by Sue Breese