Looking Back for April 7, 2021

1921 – 100 YEARS AGO

Will and Myron Duffey today put out their popcorn wagons, Myron having the same lease on Lincoln Highway next to the Fisk garage and Will securing permit to place his wagon next to the Manos shoe shinning parlor. When the latter wagon was hauled to the spot this morning there was some little excitement for the time being as Manos objected strenuously to the placing of the wagon there. The police department was called and an officer remained there until the battle was finally settled and the popcorn wagon is still where Will Duffey first put it this morning.

Believing that an expense of some $200 or more monthly will be eliminated, the Joseph brothers have installed a complete laundry outfit in connection with Hotel DeKalb. The boys say that the rest of the equipment arrived the last of the week and the laundry is now in full operation. The hotel men are not making any effort to take care of any business other than the linens about the institution, which they say, is considerable in a month’s time.

Electric Park, better known this year as the Lily White Gardens, are to open this week with a big benefit party for a member of the DeKalb Musicians’ local, who, it seems has been having his share of misfortune and then some. Bob Murphy, who has charge of the Gardens this year says that there will be something doing there all summer, and he promises some big picnics before the year is over.

Many inquiries have been heard from people as to the reason the bubbler fountain at Sixth and Lincoln Highway is still out of commission. During the course of a day many people stop there with the purpose of getting a draught of cold water and find the fountain out of order. It is probable that the bubbler will be repaired sometime within the next week or two and all then will be in working order.

Lewis & Palmer, music house, under the supervision of Clarence Palmer, has taken over the entire basement under the first floor of the store and devoting it to display and repair room purposes. C.J. Holderness, the electrical contractor, who has offices in the building, has removed his equipment to his home or the time being, probably opening up a downtown store later on.

1946 – 75 YEARS AGO

The Paw Paw correspondent for the Chronicle realized one of her fondest dreams Tuesday morning when she was given a plane ride in a Piper Cub, owned by a Decorah, Iowa, man. They were en route from Iowa to Aurora and because it was getting too dark to continue on with their flight, they settled their plane in the Mead backyard. They were invited to remain at the Mead home overnight and when they rose the next morning they invited Miss Mead to go up in their plane.

An agreement was reached last evening at a meeting at Rochelle between the California Packing Corporation and the Canners, and Food, Tobacco, Agriculture and Allied Workers Union of America. A wage increase of fifteen cents per hours was granted regular workers and twelve and one-half cents per hour for seasonal workers.

An airplane hangar belonging to Olivier Westphal located on the farm in Pierce Township was blown over and wrecked yesterday morning about 8 o’clock, but fortunately the plane was not damaged. Neighbors noted the freak accident when the wind picked the hanger off its foundation, flipped it in the air and then dropped it. The roof of the sheet metal hanger was badly damaged and the entire structure about ruined.

Cleaning and sewing of oats in Clare is being speeded to complete the farmers’ busy spring. The hum of tractors is in the air from dawn until late sundown as the soil is prepared and seeded.

Announcement was made this morning that the long established Herr’s Clothing Store of DeKalb has changed hands. The establishment owned by Isaac and Mandel Herr has been sold to Frank-Phillips, Inc., and the new owners are taking immediate charge of the store. Frank Blitzbau and Phillip Schmidt of Chicago, the new owners, have just been released from the armed serviced, and have purchased the DeKalb store from Mr. Herr and his son. The establishment was opened in DeKalb by Isaac Herr in 1902 and rapidly expanded. In 1915, Mr. Herr’s son, Mandel, became associate in the firm and the store has increased in size and number of lines of merchandise offered.

Pvt. Erich Gellert, German prisoner of war, who escaped Wednesday at Camp Grant by hiding under a pile of dirty clothes in a laundry truck, was apprehended yesterday on a farm near Milwaukee. He was captured on a farm twenty miles north of the city where he had obtained employment. He had ridden in the laundry truck to Rockford, taken a bus to Chicago and then to Milwaukee. He stated that he had financed the trip with $20 he had found behind a radiator in the barracks.

1971 – 50 YEARS AGO

Sycamore City Council agreed last night to advertise applications for the full-time position of city engineer, despite objections from two aldermen that job title and description should be decided on before applications are asked for.

Free chest x-rays will again be available to DeKalb County community residents when the mobile chest x-ray unit of the Tuberculosis and Respiratory Disease Association of North Central Illinois begins the 1971 survey schedule this month.

Some 17 newspaper delivery tubes and rural mailboxes were piled up at the entrance to the Daily Chronicle plant on Barber Greene Road during the night Friday. Vandals apparently ripped the tubes and boxes from posts in the nearby countryside and deposited them at the doorway as a prank.

To help children develop better bicycle driving habits, DeKalb’s Jefferson School recently operated a bike clinic. Three practice sessions for bicycle driving skills have been conducted on the school parking lot, with Mrs. Barbara Ridulph, physical education teacher, checking the youngsters.

1996 – 25 YEARS AGO

The Jungle tavern and liquor store have been sold, raising hopes among city and police officials that years of problems with underage drinking will be solved.

Police recovered parts of a pipe bomb Wednesday after it was apparently detonated on the grounds of Littlejohn Elementary School. Police said they received calls from residents about 1 a.m., reporting a loud explosion or a gun shot in th earea. Officers arriving at the scene found fragments of a bomb that had been detonated inside a piece of playground equipment on the west end of the campus.

Demolition started yesterday in preparation for a new strip mall on the corner of State and Walnut streets. The property owners are planning to construct a 10-store strip mall. In order to get started on the mall, a demolition crew from Don Taylor Excavating began demolition of two houses, a barn and a shed at the site.

– Compiled by Sue Breese