Antioch police chief promotes #9PMRoutine

Residents are encouraged to create a regular evening routine to safeguard against crime

ANTIOCH – After recent instances of auto and mailbox burglaries, the village of Antioch is again encouraging residents to help combat crime by participating in an evening routine of safeguarding personal property.

Antioch Police Chief Geoff Guttschow said the department makes a push to promote the #9PMRoutine hashtag on social media several times a year. After recent burglaries, he felt it was time to relaunch the initiative.

“After a recent bout of burglaries involving unlocked vehicles and theft from mailboxes, we wanted to remind residents that adding a few simple tasks before bed could help them from becoming a victim of crime,” Guttschow said in a news release. “Each time that we make a push for the #9PMRoutine, we see a drop in instances of crimes of opportunity.”

The most recent burglaries occurred from the end of March through the beginning of April in several neighborhoods in the village. Guttschow is asking residents to share suspicious activity caught on surveillance video with the police department. Anyone with video or who may have been the victim of an unreported crime should call the Antioch Police dispatch center at 847-270-9111.

Originated in Pasco County, Florida, in 2017, the #9PMRoutine has been adopted on social media by law enforcement agencies across North America. The initiative offers a daily reminder for residents to:

• Remove valuables from your car. (Keys, wallets, cash, garage door openers, firearms, tablets, etc.).

• Make sure vehicle and home doors and windows are shut and locked. (Car doors, garage doors, etc.).

• Turn on exterior lights.

• “See something, say something.” Residents who witness suspicious activity are encouraged to call the Antioch Police Department dispatch at 847-270-9111. (In the case of an emergency, call 911).

The #9PMRoute continues to be promoted frequently on the Antioch police and village of Antioch Facebook pages.