Thank You Teacher Letters for Kendall County Now

Read thank you teacher letters from students to local area teachers

Letters to Teachers for Thank You Teachers

Teacher: Alyssa Richter-Thank you for always being there and helping with whatever Trina needs help with. School work, organization help or just to talk. Trina always knows you are a safe place to go get any type of help she needs throughout the day or even in after school hours. We couldn’t appreciate you more.-Trinity Pannarale, Oswego

Teacher: Zachary Vienne-Thank you for teaching 7b we are kind of crazy.-Annalyse Creps, Oswego

Teacher: Matthew Kee-Dad, you are the best PE teacher and coach. I have not only had you for a teacher and mentor but have seen the way you work with many kids with kindness and understanding for each individual that you have taught. I have seen the love and patience you have for the special needs kids also that you have made special with your love and guiding help as a physical education teacher. I would be so happy if you win this award that you so deserve. All the best to you always.-Adam Kee, Plano

Teacher: Miss Kaitlin Kohler-Miss Kohler teaches not just with an amazing skill set, but with her heart. She takes a genuine interest in each one of her students educational, mental, and social needs to support them and encourage them in and out of school. She even created “special projects” for our daughter to foster her interests outside of the classroom. We are blessed to have her in our daughter’s life. Thank you Miss Kohler!-Keeleigh McCluskey, Plano

Teacher: Cadi Pool-Thank you for continuing support throughout Liv’s cancer journey, even though you aren’t her teacher anymore! We love you!-Olivia Horan, Aurora

Teacher: Rebecca Campbell-Words cannot express how amazing you have been to our family over the last two years. My sister and I are both SO lucky to have had you as our teacher! Thank you for being kind, caring, funny, and helpful. We love you!-Abby McNamara, Yorkville

Teacher: Mrs. Stephanie Buerger- She is the best because she is nice. She will challenge her students like she challenged me. She is smart and caring. If you tell her what kinds of books you like and you can’t find one, she will help find a book that is good for you. I did not like to read before, but she found interesting books that made me like reading, for example “Other Words for Home”. She is the best.-Shea Musser, Oswego

Teacher: Mrs. Kim Siok-Mrs. Siok is the best teacher because she helped me when I got my braces. She let me take breaks to go the bathroom to floss and put my wax on. She was very understanding as she had braces as a kid. She always had a smile and her face and made the classroom feel like home. The classroom was always festive and decorated for each holiday. When Covid hit and we switched to e-learning, she stayed positive and helped us transition to the computers. She was Yorkville Strong. I loved having her as my teacher.-Shea Musser, Oswego

Teacher: Amy Manuel-She has done amazing job in welcoming all the new Kindergarten students and individual attention and opportunities she creates to challenge kids to get outside the comfort zone and be the best version of them selves, really goes above and beyond her responsibilities and teach with passion.-Prexa Doshi, Aurora

Teacher: Mrs Troop-I love how patience she is with my son. He use to hate school but now he loves school.-Julian Estrada, Plano

Teacher: Jacqueline Garretson-Thank you for helping me learn math. Thank you for believing in me.-Logan Braga, Yorkville

Teacher: Stephanie Buerger-Thank you for her being kind. I’m thankful for her not getting mad at us and telling us we can do better instead of being mad. She picked me for Beast Academy.-Logan Braga, Yorkville

Teacher: Saul Olivas-Thank you for engaging with my child not only in her education but in her world view. You’ve helped bring to focus her interest in the world by touching on different cultures, languages & activities. Also you’ve shown her that her importance is also outside of the class by attending her sports and telling the class they’re more than just the 7 hours a day you see them. Thank you for reaching for multiple ways of learning and helping her grow after such a hard year.-Elizabeth Prigmore, Oswego

Teacher: Jean Reese-You were and are the BEST teacher we have ever had! We miss you everyday as the years move on.-Nathan Steininger, Plano

Teacher: Laura SmithWith covid bringing you down, you fought your way to the top. We would have been totally and completely lost without you! We love and miss you everyday!!-Nathan Steininger, Plano

Teacher: Rebecca Campbell-Right now I am going to tell you 3 reasons why you’re the best teacher ever! Reason number 1: You explain everything clearly to me. Reason number 2: You show respect to me. Reason number 3: You give me breaks when I need them. Thank you for being the best! Your student-Michael Vasquez, Yorkville

Teacher: Laura Ann Blaskey-Your pretty cool.-Caleb Morgan, Newark

Teacher: Jennifer Kern- You were the best teacher I have ever had in my life. She was my third grade teacher and that year I was diagnosed with leukemia and even though I got sick, she still made me apart of the class on the days I would go in. She was the biggest supporter I had and is the sweetest kindest person ever. We still talk and sometimes meet for lunch.-Connor Robinson Oswego

Teacher: Holly Garton-Thank you for helping my child.-Elizabeth Swearingin, Plano

Teacher: Norman Lee-Thank you for keeping our class under control and making us all laugh here and there.-Cayla Pottinger, Newark

Teacher: Mary Snydersmith-Mary is a social worker at SD 308 and provides so much support to my son, in addition to so many other students. She shows so much caring, devotion, and compassion to students and really makes an impact on our whole family!-Darla Marshall, Oswego

Teacher: Jessica Martin-Thank you Mrs. Martin for being the best teacher I have ever had. I am going into High School next year but I still remember the two years that I had you in elementary school as my favorite years of school. Thank you for inspiring me to do well in everything I do.-Dylan Mateja, Montgomery

Teacher: Lori Zielke, MSW, School Social Worker-I thank you enough for the support you gave to Makenzie & Katie while they were at LWC. You had great ideas for interventions & communicated those so well with fellow staff to help one twin manage social anxiety and the other to manage impulses. Your caring demeanor, combined with your clinical knowledge, was what they needed. I know working special-ed is not always easy, and you always had a positive attitude about your career, making it seem like a breeze. THANK YOU!!! Sincerely, Donna MacDonald-Makenzie & Katie MacDonald, Montgomery

Teacher: Eileen Roberts-Mrs. Jordan is great at balancing the needs of all the students. Class has hands on activities, collaborative projects, technology, and student choice.-Eileen Roberts, Aurora

Teacher: Tara Stortz-Mrs. Stortz really pushes students to work on project based learning. In doing so, the students take ownership of their work. They have to become independent thinkers and partners.-Eileen Roberts, Aurora

Teacher: Jeff Hahn-I nominate Mr. Hahn, my 8th grade teacher at Cross. I am thankful for each day I have the opportunity to learn from him. He teaches us math and helps us to be confident and independent. He often uses humor and kindness to make class fun. It’s not just during school that he works hard for us. He comes in hours before school starts and as Athletic Director he often stays late into the evening for various sporting events. He has shown us how to love God and others by the example he sets. I am thankful for him.-Frankie Pavlik, Yorkville

Teacher: Miss. Smidt-I would want to thank Miss. Smidt teacher. She has really help alot with Noah. He now tries to communicate with you with real words something that he did not do before. She has helping me potty train Noah as well and it’s been a while that he hasn’t has an accident and Noah doing so well. So thankful that Noah has a teacher that cares about students.-Noah Lopez Espinal, Newark

Teacher: Kristin Marie Wicks-Thank you for all of your guidance and kindness! When you announced to our class that you would move up with us for the next three years (Freshman- Jr year). It truly felt like a family and community of our own! When I walked into the classroom I knew I could ask for life advice, academic support, or just joke around! We still keep in contact and I found myself asking you for advice still and I’m in my 30′s! Being on the high honors and presidents list was a big accomplishment. One I had to share with you this past Fall! Haha. Thank you again! I hope to be as good of a teacher as you are! One day!-Nicole Vargas, Montgomery

Teacher: Scott Hansen-My teacher Scott Hansen is incredible, always aiding and encouraging students to the best of his ability. I envy his character traits as an amazing role model, including a constant optimism and calm demeanor. There’s no doubt that he does everything in his power to make sure that his students have the best experiences possible, wanting them to perform their best both in and outside the classroom. Not only is he an inspiring teacher, but also a reliable friend. I truly appreciate Mr. Hansen- his strong passion for both teaching and supporting students leaves a positive impact all around.-Heather Buhle, Newark

Teacher: Scott Hansen-He always helps me whenever I have a question in math, and doesn’t really get angry at me or Zeke because we listen, and he helps me get better at math.Hannah Severson, Newark

Teacher: Rosa Brolley-Both my kids had Ms. Brolley when they were in elementary school and still talk about her to this day. When your teens think fondly upon an elementary teacher, it’s a gift. She instilled in them a love of learning that will never leave them.-Inna Kagan, Oswego

Teacher: Laura Blaskey-You’re my favorite teacher/basketball coach, even though I get annoyed with the homework you give it’s still so much fun being in your class. You’re pretty, young, and cool, I will miss you when we graduate!-Jenny Mikkelsen, Millington

Teacher: Stephanie Buerger-From the mouth of a 3rd grader “Mrs. Buerger is patient. She is really kind and nice. She is fun because she lets us play games to learn. One of the best things she has done this year is be herself. She has helped me with math by going through the problems with me. I want her to be my teacher always.”-Miliana Martinez, Yorkville

Teacher: Alexis Scott-Thank you for all you do and for being so diligent, proactive, and caring. Juliana is lucky to have you as her preschool teacher this year and I have enjoyed working with you and hearing your feedback.-Juliana Weihofen, Plano

Teacher: Allysia Muth-Mrs Muth you are so sweet and compassionate about what you do! Thank you!-Brynn Retterer, Yorkville

Teacher: Heather Fisher-Thank you for being so nice, friendly, understanding, and smart! Your class is so fun every day! I enjoy learning from you!-Blake Epley, Montgomery

Teacher: Mr. Wilson-Your a really awesomesauce teacher.-Kenzie Nichols, Newark

Teacher: Jennifer RipschThank you for helping me Mrs Ripsch.-Brynn Retterer, Yorkville

Teacher: Allysia Muth-Thank you for being so caring, nice and compassionate to your students!-Brynn Retterer, Yorkville

Teacher: Mrs Tammy Schmidt -Newark Elementary-Mrs Schmidt is hands down amazing! She has been so patient and so caring with our daughter and her peers! The kids have grown so much academically because of her creative teaching style!-DeeAnn Ammenhauser, Newark

Teacher: Riki Rodriguez-Thank you for all the awesome stuff you teach us, even if you need to learn not to be a sox fan. I love you!-Addison Drexler, Plano

Teacher: Norman Lee-I look up to you for all you know. I think that you are the best teacher because you basically run the school (being the it guy and head teacher). Finally I’m glad you are the coach for the Scholastic Bowl you make it fun.-Liam Stewart, Newark

Teacher: Mrs.Grigsby-My daughter Marisol loves Mrs.Grigsby. She goes above and beyond to make sure she stays motivated. My daughter is a fast learner and has already gone thru her kindergarten sight words and Mrs.Grigsby went ahead and got her first grade sight words. The same with reading, Marisol gets so excited that Mrs. Grigsby gets her books that are not even in her classroom. Mrs. Grigsby is an amazing kindergarten teacher.-Marisol Orozco, Montgomery

Teacher: Sarah Hands-Ms. Hands has always been an upbeat and confident teacher. Everything you walk into the room she had a massive smile on her face and never fails to make us learn but have fun at the same time. Ms. Hands is always willing to lend a helping hand to us students in time of need weather that is supporting us though your journeys and we figure out who we are or supporting us if we are having a bad mental health day. Thank you Ms. Hands-Maddie Mundsinger, Oswego

Teacher: Norman Lee-Thank you for always helping us when we need it. Keeping our rowdy class under control. Knowing that we won’t be a master at art right away and giving us time to practice it. Making jokes to lift our moods, and overall just being very kind.-Madison Brown, Naperville

Teacher: Laura Blaskey-You are the best ever! you always have a way to cheer us up!-Makenzie Doss, Newark

Teacher: Laura Blaskey-Mrs.Blaskey, thank you so much for everything you have done for me, you will never understand the happieness you have brought me! I love you <3 You always are there for me and if i need to talk to you i will, it means so much to me and my family, thank you so much, i hope you win this! You are the actual best and i hope you know that. You have changed my life by so many ways and i hope one day you will know that. Your small kind gestures and hugs mean the world yo me and you may never know how much happieness you have brought me. thank you so much miss blaskey, much love :) miley-Miley Nichols, Newark

Teacher: Jackie Gerry-Thank you for helping me become a better reader this year and making school fun!-Ryan Ballard, Montgomery

Teacher: Zach Vienne-Thank you for being the best teacher you are super teacher.-Mason Kyes, Millbrook

Teacher: Zachary Vienne-Thank you for being a teacher who uses their own knowledge to teach us. Not giving us a website for us to copy off of. Thank you for not only caring about your students grades, but helping them get through hard times at home. Thank you for being a teacher that not many people these days don’t have and helping us when we need help.-Malia Maddox, Millbrook

Teacher: Hillary Wieschhaus-You have always been so amazing to my son. He talks about you with so love. He asks how many days till he goes back to school on weekend and holidays. It makes me, as a mom, knowing I am leaving him in good hands. Thank you-Noah Weisse, Montgomery

Teacher: Liz Curtis-She is so nice and helps me with my work.-Monica Pedroza, Millbrook

Teacher: Laura blaskey-She gives us so many chances and is just a great teacher and gives us pta time which is fun.-Matthew Underhill, Newark

Teacher: Centennial Staff-Thank you for always keeping our students at the center of every decision even in the face of so many unexpected changes the past 2 years. So proud! #CentennialFamily-Michael Zeman, Plano

Teacher: Laura Blaskey-Thank you for being not only a good ela teacher but also teaching us how to do ela might go a little fast some times but its ok your funny-Nevaeh Lindzy, Newark

Teacher: Scott Hansen-Math is better now like it still sucks because its math but it sucks less-Owen Underhill, Newark

Teacher: Heidi Heiman-Thank you Mrs. Heiman for your patience and grace this year! I know it’s not always easy but you’ve done amazing!-Ravyn Klimas, Plano

Teacher: Amber Denbo-Thank you for your patience and grace, helping your kids over the last two years. Your passion and care have resulted in well adjusted kids and miraculously shaped my kiddo into a math, reading and writing lover! He no longer complains or procrastinates about any of those activities. You truly are magic. We appreciate all you do. Thank you-Drew Archer, Oswego

Teacher: Tricia Vanderlinden-Thank you Mrs. Vanderlinden for creating a classroom community that I love being a part of. You have high expectations for all of us and have helped me develop a love for reading. I am a better student for being in your class. 4th grade has been an amazing year and I have you to thank. Thank you for all that you do!-Mateo Monjaraz, Yorkville

Teacher: Stephanie Ruopoli-Mrs. Ruopoli has been a gift to our district. She pushes her math students to become better students and leaders in the community. She connects with her students and treats each one as if they are part of her family. Stephanie notices her kids and when they need a cheerleader or someone to push them outside of the boundaries set on themselves. SD308 is lucky to have Mrs. Ruopoli shaping the future in her classroom by making GE math fun and relatable. Hats off to you.-Zander Covay, Montgomery

Teacher: Jennifer Naster-Thank you for taking over mrs.baker you are very nice. Thank you for coming to this class.-Hector Morrelli, Plano

Teacher: Ms. Kaitlin Kohler-Thank you for keeping me safe and healthy during class. Always mindful of my allergies and helping me avoid triggers during class.-Jiovanni Aguilar, Plano

Teacher: Saul Olivas-Thank you for being so supportive and always being an inspiration for our kids.-Valentin Oquendo, Oswego

Teacher: MaryLynn Gehrett-Thank you for being the most memorable teacher I have ever had. You have changed my life. Over the years you have become my friend and mentor. I am blessed to have had you as my 7th grade English teacher. The way you mark every student’s life with feelings of hope and love means everything. You are a teacher that goes beyond the basic call of your job. For that, I am forever grateful.-Sara Simpson, Yorkville

Teacher: Kendall Thornton-Ms. Thornton is truly an unsung hero. She services some of our most vulnerable and at risk students. Ms. Thornton’s passion and perseverance is admirable. My son started at GRES this year as a kindergarten student this year and WOW does his future teachers have some big shoes to fill. Ms. Thornton continues to go above and beyond to do everything to help our son grow and flourish both inside of the classroom and with his peers! Thank you Ms. Thornton!!-Sara Duffy, Yorkville

Teacher: Giselle Ramirez-My teacher is the best because she throws parties for peoples’ birthdays and for holidays and most of the work we do is fun. She really cares about us and takes care of us when we are sick and really listens to us! She is the best teacher ever.-Jackson Blazina, Plano

Teacher: Scott Hansen-Thank you for being an awesome teacher and for being a really fun teacher!!!-Sadie Clausel, Newark

Teacher: Rebekah Lockwood-3-Thank you so much Mrs. Lockwood for making 3rd grade so much fun! I wish I could take you with me to 4th grade. I will miss you next year!! You will never be forgotten!!-Jaxon DeMarco, Montgomery

Teacher: Mrs. Alexandria Martin-Thank you Mrs. Martin for continuing to be my teacher, keeping your patience dealing with all of us!! & all the covid19 craziness...-Cheyanne Burnham, Plano

Teacher: Cynthia O’Connell-Thank you for being so nice to all of the class.-Shawn Seyller, Newark

Teacher: Ms. Blaskey-Thank You for keeping Language Arts interesting and doing your absolute best to help your students.-Stephine Anderson, Millbrook

Teacher: Kelly Mercurio-Thank you for always helping me when I am having a hard day. You are always so kind. I love that you are my teacher.-Tara Egan, Yorkville

Teacher: Melissa WalterThank you for being my teacher. You are so nice. I like that you love books like I do.-Tara Egan, Yorkville

Teacher: Zachary Vienne-HE IS DA BEST TEACHER EVER-Tim Blanchard, Newark

Teacher: Michelle McKenzie-Thank you for the love and care you put into all of your students!-Titan Olowookere, Montgomery

Teacher: Zach Vienne-He is my favorite teacher in MJH and he has taught me so much. i’m so happy that i got him as a teacher! thank you for being the best history teacher ever!!!!-Teighan English, Newark

Teacher: Laura Blaskey-They are the best teacher in the world.-Adam Redmond, Newark

Teacher: Laura Blaskey-She helps me so much and explains everything so so well. She keeps me entertained and lets us have so much fun but learning at the same time. Just a great teacher!-Taylor Jeffers, Newark

Teacher: Laura Blaskey-Thank you for teaching me so much this year. You make every ELA/reading class so fun and I love all the assignments you give us.-Vyvienn O’Connell, Newark

Teacher: Cynthia O’Connell-PE is so fun with you. Having my mom as my teacher is amazing. Spending time with you is the greatest. Thank you for teacher my amazing PE class.-Vyvienn O’Connell, Newark

Teacher: Kevin Wilson-I like Mr. Wilson because he lets us do fun stuff. I also thin k that he is a awesome sauce teacher.-Zoey Carlson, Newark