Social Media Etiquette for Business Owners

Social media can do a lot of good for your business but can also do a lot of harm to your business. Each social media platform have unwritten nuances that act as unwritten usage rules. When you break a rule you may look unprofessional and leave a negative impression on your audience. Here are some things to do and not do


Complete and update your social pages and profiles

Separate business and personal accounts

Share thoughtfully – Think before you post

Post regularly

Prioritize your networks

Interact with your audience

Handle criticism gracefully

Help more than you sell – share informational posts, tell why someone should use a product. 80% of the content you post should be entertaining or informative while no more than 20% should directly relate to goods or services you provide

Match content to platform: Facebook – casual and focused on connections, LinkedIn – business professionals, Twitter – rapid fire conversation/short posts, Instagram – visual and TikTok – videos that are bite-sized and entertaining while YouTube is for longer videos

Watch grammar and spelling

Be visual

Location tag other businesses

Share without expectations

Give credit where credit is due

Have fun

Think before tagging


Be needy – don’t constantly ask for retweets or reposts or shares.

Don’t spam

Don’t Write in ALL CAPS

Complain – do not compalin about customer interactions

Don’t abuse #Abuse #Hashtags

Don’t share the same thing over and over

Don’t share without researching first

Don’t obsess about the numbers

Feeling overwhelmed? Not comfortable in social media then look to the experts to help you. The chamber has businesses who specialize in web pages and social media content. Check out our website to find them.

The social media platforms are constantly changing. Keep researching, keep reading to stay on top of do’s and don’ts and we look forward to seeing you online.