Check Your Odometer: You are Getting Older. Better Prepare.

Every day it seems we are redefining age; 50 is the new 30 and 60 is the new 40.

With this kind of math, aging might not be too bad after all. Our lifestyle is different than our parents and our grandparents. Medical science has advanced. However, we can’t stop aging. Aging happens.

“The entire planet is facing an aging crisis. Because of greater longevity, more people will suffer from chronic diseases that lead to the need for long-term health care. We might look and feel good at age 55, but what happens when we are 75, 80, and beyond? Preparing for the inevitable changes in our health, body, and mind is essential to retirement planning,” said Matt McCann, a leading expert on long-term health care planning.

McCann says the consequences of aging and long-term care on finances and family are dramatic. Too many financial advisors think you can just self-fund future long-term care costs.

“Those advisors are wrong. Self-funding is very expensive and doesn’t do anything to relieve the stress and anxiety placed on families. You get an immediate pool of guaranteed tax-free money that grows with inflation to pay for future care for a reasonably small premium. Your family gets the time to be family and not have to worry about managing your care or even providing your care,” McCann explained.

In 45 states, Partnership LTC Insurance offers dollar-for-dollar asset protection. Some companies offer single premium life insurance “hybrid” policies with death benefits.

“There are many different available options. The goal remains to give you access to your choice of quality care, including in-home care while safeguarding assets and reducing the stress and burdens otherwise placed on those we love,” McCann said.

McCann highly recommends working with an experienced and qualified Long-Term Care Insurance specialist. Most financial advisors and general insurance agents have little experience with long-term care. Premiums vary over 100% between insurance companies. Shopping with a specialist will save you money.

Licensed nationwide, McCann works with all the top companies helping consumers with his unique process. You get to view his computer screen on your device while speaking with him on the phone. It is safe and pressure-free.

“It is all about avoiding dependency and having access to your choice of quality care. You can stay in control, but you must plan before your have significant health changes,” McCann said.

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