Aging in Place. Long-Term Care Plan Makes It Easier.

When was the first time you thought about retirement? Maybe it has not yet crossed your mind.

You currently spend money on your future retirement through social security taxes when you are working. You might contribute to an employer’s 401(k) or other retirement plans.

Most surveys suggest people want to remain in their homes as they get older, even when they need long-term health care. Aging in place can be an excellent idea, especially if you are prepared.

“Most Long-Term Care Insurance claims start with in-home care. These affordable policies provide you with guaranteed tax-free benefits so you can choose quality care, including in-home care. These benefits give your family the time to be family,” said Matt McCann, one of the nation’s leading experts on long-term health care planning.

Some policies offer 100 percent cash benefits. Cash gives you the power to choose the caregivers you want. Asset-based or “hybrid” policies also offer a death benefit.

“All Long-Term Care Insurance plans give you the choice of quality care. Which one is best? Probably the one you have in force the day you need to use it. When speaking with consumers, we review which type of plan is best for them,” McCann added.

Long-Term Care Insurance is custom designed. A specialist like McCann works with you to design the plan that fits your concerns. Not all policies are the same, but every company has its own pricing and underwriting criteria.

McCann’s unique approach allows you to see his computer screen on your device. You will learn about the available options and get free and accurate quotes from all the major companies easily, safely, and pressure-free.

The best time to plan is before retirement, ideally in your 40s or 50s. Start planning now by clicking here.

The fact is long-term care will impact your family, income, savings, lifestyle, and legacy. Being prepared, McCann says, helps you avoid dependence on loved ones.

“Long-term care is both a cash flow problem and a family problem. Planning gives you peace of mind,” McCann said.

There are tax incentives that you may be eligible for as well when you own a policy.

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