Low-Interest Rates - Opportunity for Long-Term Care Planning

Outside of qualified retirement accounts, many American families have little savings, or have low-interest accounts earning next to nothing.

As you get past the age of 45, retirement nears and planning for future expenses of long-term care costs become a priority. While surveys show most people understand this risk, they have yet to resolve the problem.

“As we get older, we see changes in our health. Many people will see the challenges of cognitive decline. The costs of long-term care services are expensive. Families often have the responsibility of caregiving or managing paid care, but there are multiple solutions available you can take right now to safeguard income and assets and ease the stress and pressure on your family,” said Matt McCann, a leading expert on long-term care planning.

McCann says some people have sizable amounts of money in low-interest accounts. They can use that money in several ways to plan for the financial costs and burdens of aging. In fact, your savings can be turned into a substantial amount of tax-free long-term care benefits when you need it.

“There are several outstanding asset-based Long-Term Care Insurance plans available known as ‘hybrid policies.’ They combine the benefits of life insurance or annuity with that of a Long-Term Care policy,” McCann explained.

McCann warns that language can vary dramatically with these policies, and most insurance agents or financial advisers have limited knowledge in this area.

Traditional policies can be very affordable for those who have a limited savings outside of qualified accounts. In 45 states, Partnership Long-Term Care Insurance offers dollar-for-dollar asset protection. The ideal time to purchase Long-Term Care insurance is in your 40s and 50s when your premiums are lower.

" Since LTC Insurance is medically underwritten, it is essential you have coverage before your start seeing major changes in your health,” McCann explained.

McCann helps people nationwide and represents the major brands in Long-Term Care Insurance. You can safely explore your options and get accurate quotes from the major companies. His unique process allows you to view his computer screen as you speak with him on the phone from the comfort and safety of your home.

McCann suggests reading The Ultimate Long-Term Care Insurance Guide. McCann’s website has many resources, including descriptions of the various types of solutions for long-term health care.

“Without a plan, your family will face a crisis when you need long-term care services. Give your family the time to be family with an affordable LTC Insurance plan,” McCann said.

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