Letters to the Editor

Letter: Vote no on S1

To the Editor:

Sadly, I just finished the paper with only two Forum letters: one about bell ringing and the other regurgitating division over the COVID shot. However, there is a greater concern right now that will impact everyone and that’s the issue of election integrity. Some roll their eyes at the suggestion of fraud in elections, but it’s funny those same eyes didn’t roll when 2021 elections rolled around and things didn’t go “their way.” Wake up sleeper. This is about America, not “your” way or “my” way.

The threat now in the Senate is bill S1, misnamed “Freedom to Vote Act.” Sounds good, right? But its platform is sinister. It’s about a federal takeover of elections, making our elections effectively rigged. Politicians should not be choosing who goes to DC, voters should. S1 eviscerates state ID laws and interferes with the ability of states to determine voter eligibility and the accuracy of their voter rolls, etc. One aspect of the bill promotes automatic registration of voters, regardless of eligibility. Another will force Americans to fund the campaigns of political candidates. Does that make sense? S1 centralizes power in the federal government. Anytime you see a federal government takeover, it’s a fiasco, which you should already know.

Look at Georgia whose state election laws caused all kinds of lies to rise to the top, like not giving water to those in line waiting to vote. The current administration spewed a lie about how this hinders people from voting, something proven wrong and called out by the Washington Post. Georgia has opened early voting to include weekends, and they still serve water. Since detractors are so good at lying, this is a warning to all who believe opinionated journalists are actually writing news. Claims of fraud have been recorded and documented for years on sites dedicated to saving our elections, something unseen in today’s media who put opinion above fact. Sadly, fraud is nothing new.

How can anyone disagree with each legal citizen getting one legal vote or the idea that it should be easy to vote and hard to cheat? How can we disagree with strengthening protections for the votes we do cast? If you vote and want it to count, call your senators now and tell them to vote no on S1.

Cindy Akre