Letter: Stay well and safe

To the Editor:

The emphasis is “get vaccinated” and many should. The elderly, the immune compromised and most of all those who are battling illnesses such as cancer or kidney issues. This statement I can agree with.

The stories among our media are riddled with depressed news of (healthy) families losing elderly or immune compromised loved ones to COVID-19. These families were sometimes vaccinated and sometimes unvaccinated. The narrative is the same, touting that if they had all been vaccinated, that family member would not have died. How do we vet these stories for accuracy without prying into a loved one’s personal health scenario? How many obituaries do we read of young, healthy Kendall County people who die? Do you ask yourself, “I wonder if they had COVID?” or “I wonder if they were vaccinated?” I review IDPH and ask, “How can positivity rates be so high for children and youth, yet deaths rates are recorded 75 [and older] without showing parallel (positive) test rates?”

I find it compelling to be interrogated by a lifelong smoker about my choice to wear a cloth mask when for the past 50 years they have placed tar in their lungs that our government told them would make those around them sick. The “pandemic” becomes obsolete when fairs, festivals and award ceremonies take place. Our children are masked while elites remain unmasked. An overweight governor stands over you with no mask, demanding you make health changes to your body. Illinois Department of Public Health team can no longer (or chooses not to?) make the numbers make sense.

Kendall County has the power to take back these (optional) health decisions. Optional masks and vaccine. Kendall County should encourage healthy lifestyle changes to improve mind, body and spirit.

Therapeutics of blister packs of medicine and supplements were distributed in 2020 for COVID prior to any talk of a vaccine campaign. Therapeutics, which keep millions of Americans recovering from COVID-19 at home. Therapeutics that are now taking a backseat to vaccination. From the beginning, I have given this advice to my immediate family members and dear friends: Go cautiously. Be vigilant. Eat healthy, take your vitamins and most important do not ignore the early signs of illness. I hope this alternative thought process resonates with your family, as well. Stay well and safe Kendall County.

Becky Nelson