Letter: Moral code prescribes mask wearing

To the Editor:

Thank you, Shaw Media’s Shea Lazansky, for focusing on the pro-mask attitudes of our high school students during the SD308 School Board meeting Aug. 9 (Ledger Aug. 12). These students stressed the importance of wearing masks to protect themselves, their friends and family, while parents stressed their individual rights to keep their children from wearing masks. I am so proud of these students, my grandchildren and other children who have demonstrated the moral code of responsibility to protect themselves and others’ right to live by wearing masks.

Even though the delta variant became more invasive to our young between the July 12 and Aug. 9 school board meetings, parents’ mask-resistant attitudes didn’t change to match that reality. They denied knowing that more young people, children, and even babies are in [intensive care units] from delta, some who may have damage to their bodies and minds for the rest of their lives, and some who are dying. So it’s just not true that children can escape the ravages of delta, as so many anti-maskers claim they can.

The delta variant finds a welcome home in the unvaccinated. If you won’t vaccinate, at least wear a mask. The unvaccinated doubling up with the unmasked is giving full steam ahead to the delta variant to mutate even more rapidly into more deadly variants. Delta is screaming at the top of its lungs, but anti-maskers refuse to hear because of misinformation swirling in their heads.

You’re kidding yourself if you think that this mutating COVID-19 virus is a hoax or no worse than the flu, which is bad enough, or that your immune system is strong enough to resist it. Hospital ICU beds are filling with over 90% unvaccinated patients. Imagine your child as one of them – perhaps too young to vaccinate yet, but could have worn a mask as protection. Imagine your child facing this deadly virus alone because you can’t be with them. They may even need to be sent to another state for care due to hospital capacity being overwhelmed. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Protect our children with masks and vaccines when they are available to them.

Judy Siedlecki