Letter: A wonderful community

To the Editor:

Community spirit and Independence Day traditions live on. A very big thank you to Newark and its surrounding communities.

The Friends of the Charles B. Phillips Library sponsored its annual 5B’s BBQ Dinner Fundraiser on July 5, following Newark’s Fourth of July Parade. The response from the community and beyond was amazing. The parade was welcomed in with fanfare, flying flags, sirens, floats, candy, cheering and clapping, no matter whether you were a participant or a spectator. The BBQ dinner fundraiser was well attended and a great success. Many families took the opportunity to enjoy their meal at nearby picnic tables and watch the action and suspense of the tractor pull organized for the children.

Many thanks to Boys Cub Troop 42 for organizing, on short notice, and offering water/ soda to thirsty goers. A special acknowledgement to Newark BP for advertising the garage sale on its marque and to the area businesses for displaying our fundraiser poster. Thank you all, so very much, for purchasing dinners, for standing in the hot sun, for your patience, for your encouraging comments to the volunteers, for your donations, for making our fundraiser a success. We have such a wonderful community.

The Friends of the Library promotes the library’s services and programs, we raise funds for the library’s special needs and we assist with the library’s activities. The Charles B. Phillips Library District in Newark has hired Williams Architects to undertake an expansion and renovation project in conformance with the Library Building Program. The expansion will include the construction of the new community room and required support spaces, including a vestibule that permits access to the community room, new restrooms to meet handicapped-accessible code requirements and a storeroom to replace the shed that will be removed.

Yvonne Harris