Letter: Demolition envy?

To the Editor:

The demolition of the Madison Street former funeral home in Yorkville bought by Kendall County six years ago will cost $33,000 and remain a part of the government “campus” hereafter? (Record, 6/17/’21).

If so, the county is most fortunate. Because the architecturally perceptive on the Historic Preservation Committee could designate it as a “landmark” and order the county to spend whatever it costs to restore it to period glory. Or it could were the owner a resident of the county.

The old jail was another such case. It may be input from the committee was obtained. However, demolition permits may be harder to get if one is a mere resident.

We have a number of new board members on both the County Board and on the committee. Revoke the ordinance permitting a “supermajority” of the elected commissioners to approve “landmarking” over owner objections. This relieves owners of “unusual” homes of the risk they could be required to effect renovations at their expense, according to committee dictates.

For some: demolition envy?

Alphonse I. Johnson