Letter: A library or a preschool

To the Editor:

The referendum to build an addition onto the Yorkville Public Library was passed by the taxpayers to have a highly functioning library to accommodate the growing Yorkville community. The specific purpose of the addition was to have enough space for library materials and library programs. The taxpayers did not agree to pay to have a preschool in the library, which is what Parks and Rec wants to do.

Additionally, a library is a place to browse peacefully and to have library staff at hand to advise and guide in library material choices.

As a retired reading specialist, mom, grandma and great-grandma, I also have a great connection with children and am concerned for their safety. Most preschools have efficient safety precautions and therefore most are stand-alone buildings. Furthermore, there is no place at the library for the much-desired and needed outdoor play equipment that would safely contain the children.

Is it a library or a preschool?

Sands Uridil