Letter: It’s time to wake up, America

To the Editor:

I’ve been a long time reader of the letters to the Forum, but this is my first time submitting one. I disagree with the ultra-liberal (socialistic) agenda being pushed on America via executive order by this president and by our liberal congressional leaders, and I would ask those who defend their actions by simply regurgitating the information that is being fed to us by mainstream media to actually dig a little deeper for the facts.

For example, I’ve heard many liberals deride the Republicans for not immediately passing the current economic stimulus package proposed by the House. Did any of you look into why the Republicans are pushing back in favor of a smaller amount? Besides the fact that $1 trillion from the last stimulus package has still not been spent, the $1.9 trillion being requested in the current package consists of 5,600 pages, including things such as $134 million for Burma, $1.3 billion for Egypt and $25 million for democracy and gender programs in Pakistan. What do these have to do with economic relief for American citizens and businesses? Unfortunately, politicians get their pet projects approved by burying them in important legislation like this, and I’m glad that someone in government is actually being fiscally responsible and looking out for the best interest of Americans.

Our Democratic Congress is also requesting that Biden sign an executive order forgiving student loans of up to $50,000 per student. Would someone please explain to me how this is fair? Less than one third of Americans have student loans, so how is this fair to those who worked their way thru school without incurring debt, parents who worked two or three jobs to pay for their children’s education, those who did borrow money and then paid off their loans as agreed, those who served in the military to qualify for the GI Bill and all those who didn’t go to college? Why should all Americans without student loans be forced to have our tax dollars subsidize those who willingly went into debt to pay for college but now don’t want to repay their obligations?

Wake up before it’s too late, people. Money doesn’t grow on trees, and this tax-and-spend liberal philosophy is going to put our country in the same position as our own state. Socialism is not a good thing.

DeVere Headrick