Letter: Local Republican lawmakers need to denounce Washington insurrectionists

To the Editor:

On Jan. 7, we learned that a U.S. Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick, died due to injuries sustained in the attempted coup staged on Jan. 6. One of those so-called patriots beat him with a fire extinguisher. Our thoughts are with his family and loved ones at this tremendously difficult time.

The events of Jan. 6 exposed how dangerous conspiracy theory is. How dangerous it is to have leaders at the national and local level push susceptible people to this kind of lethal action. Yes, some Republican leaders have finally spoken up to say this is wrong. While this is a step in the right direction, they are woefully late. Lives have been lost, our beloved Capitol building has been damaged, yet the conspiracy theories are still loud and strong.

We cannot tolerate that type of rhetoric on a national or local level. We can no longer silently stand by while opportunists exploit their neighbors and fool them into thinking that lizard people and pedophiles are running our country, that their friends and neighbors are willing to burn down their town, or that this entire election was ‘stolen’.

We can no longer ignore individuals who know how to stage a photo op, appear reasonable, yet financially support the fringe right willing to do their dirty work. I call upon local Republican elected officials to denounce the actions of the insurrectionists in Washington, D.C. and their fellow Republicans who foment discord instead of debating policy. They must vow to work towards putting an end to conspiracy theories and hate speech.

I look forward to a time when we can debate policy and platform instead of sending inflammatory mailers and work together toward the betterment of our country, county, and community for all her citizens.

Julie Gondar


Kendall County Democratic Party