Yesteryear: Looking back at stories that captured headlines in the Record

February 2016

Yorkville Public Library officials marked the 100th anniversary of the establishment of the library with a Birthday Bash event.

February 2011

Somewhere between 12 and 20 inches of snow fell on Kendall County as high winds brought blizzard conditions.

February 2006

Figures are now in and 2,950 new home building permits were issued in Kendall County last year, far and away the busiest year yet for new home starts.

February 2001

Jewel-Osco will be the main tenant in a new shopping center proposed on the north side of Yorkville.

February 1996

A preliminary design of a new Yorkville High School was presented to the school board.

February 1991

The Kendall County Board celebrated the county’s 150th birthday with a cake at this month’s board meeting.

February 1986

Government officials overestimated the effects of Radium in water, but the standards are not likely to be relaxed, according to an expert who spoke to about 50 people in Yorkville. Yorkville city water has been cited for radium content above the EPA limit.

February 1981

Raymond Lett, former Plano resident, is the executive assistant to U. S. Department of Agriculture Director John Block.

February 1976

Republican gubernatorial candidate James Thompson visited Kendall County, saying his first priority would be to get state finances under control.

February 1971

The Yorkville School Board approved a feasibility study on the expansion of the Bristol Grade School.

February 1966

A committee has been formed to try and find a new doctor for Yorkville. Currently, no doctors have offices here.

February 1956

The Millbrook School reopened after having been closed this past week because of an epidemic of measles.

February 1951

A meeting was held at the Yorkville School to organize a group of traffic patrol boys.

Patrol boys will assist at crossings near the school. The boys are organized like a regular police force. Vehicular violations will be reported to Chief Martyn and student violations to Mr. Maynard. Captain of the squad is Charles Stading. Lieutenants are Bob Prickett and Richard Shick. Other members are Frank McKeever, William Horton, Babe Miller, Dave Reppy, Donald Olson, Bob Beecher, David Gardner, Jim Pilny, Ronnie Leifheit, Kenny Marshall, Harland Wilson, Richard Henning, Dale Reppy and Dave Goins.

February 1946

Dick Houck, chief of the Bristol-Kendall Fire Department for 25 years and Bert Almy, assistant chief for 23 years have announced their retirements. Officers who will take over are Winifred Prickett, chief; Ralph Blake, first assistant chief and Walter Schick, second assistant chief.

February 1941

Manners Week is being observed at Yorkville High School. The girls in the clothing class presented the program to highlight the proper behavior on the bus, in the halls and while walking down the street.

February 1936

There was a serious wreck in Bristol Station last Thursday morning when a fast freight train on the C.B. & Q. tracks left the rail and scattered 15 freight cars about in the vicinity of the depot. It was a miracle that the depot wasn’t wrecked, too, for a string of cars was derailed right alongside the platform. The cause of the wreck is said to be a broken drawbar. There were no injuries.

February 1931

The Farmers State Bank of Millbrook was robbed of $200 in cash on Tuesday noon by two young men who drove up to the bank in a new car, entered and drew guns, ordering Mr. Ralph Wittie, the treasurer of the bank and the only occupant at that time to lie on the floor while they helped themselves to the money and made their escape.

February 1926

The law authorizing the building of a bridge across the Fox River at Yorkville by the state has been passed by Congress. The bill starting this on its way was presented by Senator McKinley, who hurried it through the Senate and now through the House. Nothing now prevents the building of the new bridge at the county seat.

February 1916

To fill an order, R. Scheidecker of Millington hauled wood all night Wednesday and filled a car. Rather strenuous on the helpers.

February 1911

The snowstorm on Sunday was the most severe we have had since the winter of 1908.

February 1906

Clinton Houck, the new proprietor of the brick shop in Yorkville, is showing a fine display of horse shoes made by himself. In the collection are shoes for all kind of horses from the high stepping racer to the heavyweight farm animal, with shoes of peculiar construction to remedy the various defects in trotting.

February 1901

Snow made our roads impassible in places Monday morning so the rural carrier from Newark did not get any farther than Helmar, then went home.

February 1896

The Kendall Cornet Band under the leadership of Angus Carter looked fine in their trim uniforms for their concert. The Mandolin Club consisting of Mmes. Newton, Hallock, Miss Ferriss and Mesrs Boomer, Powell and Hallock contributed two numbers.

February 1891

A young man with a phonograph was in Shaver’s office in Oswego. The phonograph would speak, sing and play - to all who had a few nickels to invest.

February 1886

The warm weather of the past four days has thawed the snow rapidly and spoiled the sleighing.

February 1881

Millington: We have just passed through the most disagreeable storm of the winter, the snow drifting so as to make the roads almost impassible. Bridge and ice both safer and sound as yet. Snow was 29 inches deep in Hollenbeck’s Grove.

February 1876

A new well has been bored on the grounds of the Yorkville school house. Mr. Carter has put in a good pump and now the pupils can have clean hands and faces and plenty to drink.

February 1866

The road commission will hear the pros and cons on the subject of a new road from Yorkville, running south east to section three at the point where the blacksmith shop stands on Mr. Van Emmon’s land. This road is much needed as it will open the way into the towns of NaAuSay and Seward saving a round-about journey to the residents of these towns in reaching the county seat.