Letter: Waste of taxpayers’ money

keyboard, letter to the editor

To the Editor:

At the Aug. 21 meeting of the Oswego Fire Protection District Board of Trustees, the fire department asked the trustees to authorize $60,000 of taxpayer money to purchase a second set of extrication tools (jaws of life equipment).

Earlier in that meeting the department publicly thanked Firehouse Subs Foundation for their grant of $25,000 that bought the first set of tools. The Board of Trustees not only unanimously okayed the $60,000 request, but not one of them asked the department why they needed to spend 60K of taxpayers’ money to buy the second set of tools when they were able to spend 25K of grant money for the first set.

If you think it’s only $35,000 and its no big deal, in the next couple of weeks when your new tax assessment arrives, and it increases an average of 8.5% (source Brian Hauser Kendall County Assessor), remember it’s only a little amount.

James Pugsley