Letter: Not what most Americans want

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To the Editor:

A response to the May 25 letter regarding evil Republican policies.

In the two short years since Biden and the Democrats took control, our great country has experienced 40-plus-year high inflation due to reckless, unabated government spending. We’ve gone from energy independence to record high gas prices since Biden declared war on the petroleum industry by shutting down pipelines and freezing gas leases his first day in office. He’s also sold oil from our strategic oil reserve to China, and subsequently had to go begging dictator nations to increase production to help us out.

Biden completely botched the Afghanistan withdrawal, costing 13 military lives and leaving hundreds of citizens and allies behind. And that’s on top of billions of dollars of weaponry left behind for the Taliban.

Before Biden took over, we had a secure southern border. Since then, we’ve experienced record numbers of illegal aliens entering our country, along with record amounts of illegal drugs. Even our sanctimonious Democratic-run sanctuary cities are complaining about the numbers of illegal aliens. And the violent crime in these cities is running rampant due to the soft on crime policies being implemented and carried out by liberal district attorneys.

The writer was correct in his comment that other countries are laughing at us. With the feckless buffoon we have in the White House and the woke policies being implemented by his administration, we would be laughing, too, if it was happening somewhere else. This is not what most Americans want.

DeVere Headrick