Letter: The root of all evil

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To the Editor:

What do abortion, gun control, democracy and health care have in common? These are four things that the majority of Americans want. Problem is that we have a Supreme Court that has been bought out by the autocratic Republican Party. America is no longer a democracy. “We the People” no longer exists.

Next up is the debt ceiling. Americans will lose jobs, health care, savings, etc. if Congress fails to act. Congress still will get paid and still be covered with health care with no worries to eat. But the military and many Americans will lose everything.

The Republicans want your Social Security and health care along with taking food away from children and veterans who need it the most in the SNAP program. Republicans want the economy to crash thinking it helps them politically. The Republican Party under Trump created more debt with tax breaks for the rich than any other president and wants the middle class to bail us out.

The love for money has become the root of all evil. It has destroyed America. Republicans are party over country. Other countries are laughing at us, trapped by the rich and greedy with no way out.

The Supreme Court can only be changed when they die. Unfortunately, too many Americans will die from the Republican policies before that happens.

Please vote to stop the crooks like Trump, Santos and all the want-to-be Putins who invaded our House and tried to steal the 2020 election.

Randy Moore