Letter: Exceptional candidates

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To the Editor:

Being a school board member is often thankless. It is like having a second job, except you don’t get paid. Hours of preparation, and seemingly endless meetings are expectations for good board members. In the past, Yorkville has had the benefit of having outstanding, unselfish board members who have the best interest of our children in mind. I am impressed with two new candidates from the Bristol Township area: Dr. Jorge A. Ayala and Leslie Smogor; and two from outside of Bristol: Molly Gerke and Wayland Middendorf. They will continue the long history of outstanding board of education members in Yorkville.

Dr. Ayala and Leslie Smoger have a history of involvement in the Yorkville schools, having served on leadership committees at both the district and building levels. Their commitment to the development of the whole child and continued academic improvement makes them exceptional candidates. I am confident that they can work with our outstanding administrative team and staff to continue District 115 on an upward trajectory.

Outside of Bristol Township, I recommend one of two candidates (you can only vote for one): Molly Gerke or Wayland Middendorf. These candidates both have firsthand experience with District 115 and have demonstrated an understanding of the role of the school board member. Most important, they desire to improve the educational program for all students.

For Bristol Township, I urge you to vote for Dr. Jorge A. Ayala and Leslie Smogor. Outside of Bristol Township, Molly Gerke or Wayland Middendorf are both quality candidates.

Douglas Trumble