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Letter: Misdirection and half-truth

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To the Editor:

David Edelman is at it again. He has been posting nonstop about PACs and campaign accounts of the people he opposes, but of course nothing on his friends. His friend and then-Village President Gail Johnson received thousands of dollars from PACs. Ryan Kauffman also received thousands of dollars from PACs, including Lauren Underwood’s.

The Democratic Party of Kendall County recently held a fundraiser for him asking for donations up to $2,500. It also appears that the Gov. JB Pritzker is taking a hand in our local politics, contributing over $30,000 to the local Democratic Party, the same group that is fundraising for Ryan Kauffman. Best hypocrisy of all is Edelman created a political committee that took $5,000 from the firefighters union. More of the same misdirection and half-truth.

Dawn Marquis