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Letter: Fortunate to have them

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To the Editor:

A few weeks back, I read the article in the Record about 12 candidates running for five open spots on the Bristol-Kendall Fire Protection District Board.

It appears the main reason some candidates are running is due to the dismissal of a probationary fireman for failure to either take a COVID test once a week or get vaccinated. In my opinion, COVID testing once a week is a small price to pay for keeping the health of one’s fellow firemen, their families and the general public safe.

One candidate who spoke on behalf of the dismissed fireman said, “This goes against his religious beliefs and is not ours to question.”

I believe it is ours to question when one individual does not care about putting others in harm’s way by refusing to confirm via testing that he is not an infectious risk to others.

Ken Johnson, Jeff Farren, Marty Schwartz and Gary Schlapp are the four board members running who voted to terminate the probationary fireman. They should be commended for doing so. We are fortunate to have them on the board and hopefully we will have them looking out for the Yorkville community’s greater good for years to come.

Pat McNamara