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Letter: Who really represents ‘We the People’?

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To the Editor:

Another liar was sworn into the Republican Party. [George]Santos would be a perfect fit to be Trump’s running mate. Two of the biggest liars and haters tearing down every institution our forefathers and military fought and died for. With their hate and lies, the Republican Party showed our children how grownups should never act. Your immature stain and policies hurt our children.

Children without health care is deadly and far from pro life. The high costs of medicine that Republicans support is far from pro life. The refusal to admit climate change and global warming is deadly and far from pro life.

Education is a must for our children as America falls further and further behind other countries.

The debt ceiling is coming up in September and the Republicans have already said they don’t want to pay America’s debt. Sound familiar? Watch the Republican Party put America into default. Military will not get paid. The elderly will suffer with no Social Security checks, and many Americans will suffer while the rich and greedy will never.

Watch the toxic anti-life party destroy America with hate and lies for the next two years under a Republican-controlled House. Republicans never passed a bill to help the middle class. Maybe America will see who really represents ‘We the People.’

Randy Moore