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Letter: ’We the People’ spoke

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To the Editor:

Looks like all the big lie election deniers in battleground states lost their election. Democracy over autocracy and love over hate is a good thing. “We the People” spoke.

A majority of Americans are sick of Trump’s “I’m above the law” attitude, his hate, his lies and conspiracy theories, his love for Putin and other autocrats, and mostly his policies that kill. The Republican Party followed a crook down a path of destruction.

Republicans used to be strong on national security. But allowing or being OK with Trump taking top secret documents home, or trying to steal democracy in a deadly insurrection, and trying to steal votes our brave heroes fought and died for is a good reason to lose an election.

Republicans should get zero votes for making a woman carry and raise a rapist’s child or making a mother die with complications. Republicans should offer a health care plan instead of taking health care away. Save Social Security, don’t kill it. Then start keeping our children safe with background checks and gun laws that are working in other countries.

A majority of Americans want those things. A majority want taxes raised on the rich and greedy and less taxes for the ones who built this country. Become the Republican party you used to be, not an autocratic hateful party who passes zero bills to help the foundation of this country, the middle class.

Randy Moore