Kendall County Opinion

Letter: Not afraid to ask the tough questions


To the Editor:

I have never met Todd Milliron, but I intend to vote for him in his race to win a seat on the Kendall County Board.

One of the first times I remember hearing his name, was when the city of Yorkville tried to quickly force a dump upon our local citizens (which would have been a disaster for Kendall County). Todd Milliron was one of the vocal opponents of the dump. He helped organize the opposition and contributed a lot of research to help defeat it. Since that time, he has been at the forefront of many other local government issues and has saved the local taxpayers a lot of money over the years.

He is not afraid to ask the tough questions and he is not afraid to point out government waste. If you are tired of high taxes like I am, I believe Mr. Milliron is going to be looking out for your fiscal interests. I urge you to vote for him come November.

Pat McNamara