Kendall County Opinion

Letter: The problem lies in the White House


To the Editor:

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot is bemoaning the fact that Texas Gov. Greg Abbott is sending busloads of immigrants to the sanctuary city of Chicago. The mayor tells us that this is cruel. She says that Chicago needs volunteers to cope with the influx. She tells us that she needs baby formula, diapers, food, and the list goes on.

Well mayor, you are only dealing with a few busloads of people. Don’t you think the small towns on the border need the same things? They are dealing with thousands coming across the Rio Grande. They’re overwhelmed, as well.

Mayor, why don’t you call Joe Biden and ask for help? He’s the one who created this problem by opening the southern border. Texans need help, as well, but our president sees no crisis and neither should you. Joe is the problem, not the immigrants or Gov. Abbott. The problem lies in the White House.

Don Lass