Letter: Will be better off

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To the Editor:

I haven’t attended a Bears game in years, let alone any other event at Soldier Field. There isn’t really any decent parking within a reasonable distance to the park.

Traffic is a nightmare getting to or leaving the facility. For NFL football games, it is the smallest venue in the league, and that translates to lower revenues across the board.

Mayor [Lori] Lightfoot wants to put a roof over the place. Mayor, that’s not why the Bears want out. The Bears want out in order to control what goes on at the stadium and not what the park district decides about anything that occurs there. Lightfoot only wants to throw out these nutty proposals, so when the Bears move, she can say that she and the city did everything possible to keep them. The Bears are the bad guys.

Mayor, why don’t you concentrate on solving the shootings and stabbings that occur every weekend? The Bears will be better off in Arlington Heights and so will their fans.

Don Lass