Letter: Disgusting


To the Editor:

I read something this morning that was disgusting. It should be disgusting to all of our veterans and active servicemen and women.

At a GOP convention in Texas over the weekend many in the crowd were chanting that Texas GOP Rep. Dan Crenshaw was an “eyepatch John McCain.” (Dan was serving in Afghanistan as a Navy Seal when he lost his vision to a bomb blast.) To me he’s a hero and doesn’t deserve to be called names. Carlson made up the nickname because this Representative doesn’t believe Trump’s Big Lie. This from someone who never was in the military.

One more thing riled me. The Texas GOP does not support Ukraine’s battle against the Russian dictator, Putin.

Well to Tucker, go get a job with Radio Kremlin and spew your anti-American stuff in Moscow. And to the Texas GOPs who don’t support western-style democracy, move back to Mexico and maybe you can find a Santa Anna-style 1832 dictatorship. I’m sure you won’t have to try too hard.

George Hayner