Letter: Pray for each other


To the Editor:

Why do the poor suffer while the wicked prosper? It’s a question that I have heard from many people, young and old. For centuries, it seems to have been assumed that the rich were always selfish and greedy according to the news, politicians and social media. That assumption needs to be put into perspective, have the political stereotypes removed and put to rest.

There are various types of wealthy people. There are those who make their money by the profession they work in, the success of the business they created and have toiled in, and those who are frugal. These people have done nothing wrong and have often paid their dues in hard work, failures and successes, along with long hours and turbulent times. They are no guiltier in the eyes of God than you and I. Then there are those who obtain their wealth through their cunning and nasty ways, laying waste to anyone who gets in their way without any regard whether she be a widow or he be an orphan. Why then does God allow this to happen?

The devil is a two-faced illusionist vile spirit. On one hand, he will bring suffering on God’s chosen as he did to Job in order that Job, you and I might curse God and turn away from Him. On the other hand, the devil will give some people a trouble-free and wealthy life in order that they might not ever need God or call upon Him until the day when the door of their carefree lives and comfort is shut and then it’s too late to repent.

Take comfort in your suffering and prepare for the evil days that are about to come. I encourage you to go to attend your houses of worship that you may gather up strength before the days of trials come. Pray for each other, pray for the good, pray for the bad and then let us pray for His forgiveness in order that evil may be overcome and that we may secure His blessings.

Jesus Alaniz