Letter: Should governor’s office be for sale?


To the Editor:

Should the Illinois governor’s office be for sale? I think not. Currently, the present incumbent billionaire Gov. JB Pritzker invested millions to be elected and again is investing millions to be reelected. He has not demonstrated concern for freedom of the people.

Meanwhile, two other billionaires are investing millions, for two different Republican candidates, for TV and campaign ads to get one elected. If any of these billionaire-backed candidates are elected, they will be beholden to the billionaires. Their priority will not be “for the people of Illinois.”

It appears the central Illinois Republican leadership supports a highly financed candidate saying money is the solution to beating Pritzker, while not considering who the best qualified candidate would be for the people and future of Illinois.

The best qualified Republican candidate not financed by billionaires or PAC money is Paul Schimpf. Paul returned to his home community after retirement as a lieutenant colonel from the U.S. Marine Corps (where he was a prosecutor on Saddam Hussein’s trial) to make it home for his family – a wife and two boys. His vision is to make Illinois the state with a bright future for all the people. His character, loyalty to country and service to people has been further demonstrated by his election as an Illinois state senator where he served on the bipartisan, Joint Committee on Administrative Rules. On JCAR, his voting always was for the best interest of Illinois’ people, fiscal responsibility and not for political gain. His JCAR experience gives him insight on the intricate operations of state government, which no other candidate possesses. He strongly supports law and order, the police and first responders.

Please join with me in voting for Paul Schimpf, the best qualified candidate, for Illinois governor.

Ret. Col. Leland H. (Lee) Hoffer