Letter: Typical politician


To the Editor:

A recent contributor lauded Congresswomen Lauren Underwood’s work in office. Ms. Underwood, she noted, introduced and passed numerous bills. If one’s only concern in life is health care, one could argue that she has done her job. But her position requires representing an entire district with many issues. Health care-related issues seems to be all that Ms. Underwood is concerned about. Even in health care, Ms. Underwood fails by opposing protection for the unborn.

My understanding of a leader is someone who can listen to opposing views and create a working consensus. Since Ms. Underwood has voted lockstep with President Biden 100% of the time, she is a follower rather than a leader. As someone who has emailed her, I can say that the responses showed a callous lack of interest and compassion for an opposing view.

And as a taxpayer, I would like to know that my representative is working to save taxpayers’ money. Ms. Underwood works to spend our money. She supported the first Build Back Better bill, which contained a shameful amount of pork barrel spending. I would like her to care about our wallets, and not just our health.

Ms. Underwood is a typical politician who is using her degree. Isn’t it time to elect a congressperson with a bigger vision and desire to serve all?

Susan Brambert Shields